Afrotastic Curl Elastic

Afrotastic Curl Elastic

Weight 8.00 Ounces
Height 4.00
Width 4.00
Depth 4.00

This botanical creamy, nutrient-rich, deep conditioner rehydrates & detangles thick, thirsty tresses while adding comb-thru spreadability. Deep Conditioning Amla fruit and Strand-Softening Ximenia oil deeply penetrates the hair cuticle while slip-providing botanicals help you complete your hair-washing ritual. Gently warm prior to use for Curl-Poppin’ Results!

Apply this deep conditioning treat from root to tip. Cover hair with a plastic cap and place a warm cotton towel over the plastic cap, for best results. The heat will penetrate the hair shaft, allowing the botanical ingredients to deeply condition, repair and strengthen the hair. Leave on for 20 minutes or more. Rinse & Style as usual.

Distilled Water Botanically Infused with Marshmallow, Rosemary, Burdock, Amla, Chamomile, Thyme, Sage & Coltsfoot, Organic Aloe Juice, Behentrimonium Methosulfate, Cetyl Alcohol, Vegetable Glycerine, Organic Olive Oil, Avocado Oil, Hydrolyzed Jojoba Protein, Guar Gum, Sorbitol, Pro Vitamin B5, Ximenia Oil, Shea Butter, Vitamin E, Potassium Sorbate, Leuconostoc/Radish Root Ferment Filtrate, Natural, Fragrant Oil Blends, an extra slip of soulistic flava & LOVE!

Product Reviews

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Written by Tees on 22nd Apr 2017

As for the product when I got to use it I liked it but after a month or so I went to go d/c and opened the jar to find it molded and rotten.

Favorite DC
Written by Daylenis M on 22nd Apr 2017

I LOVE IT!! This is a new staple for me. I love how it left my hair so soft, managable and moisturize! I would definitely repurchase this DC. It smell amazing!!! This is one of my new favorite Deep Conditioners.

Staple Product!!
Written by Tasha on 30th Jan 2017

Love this product, one of my staples for my type 4 hair. Lots of slip, leaves hair very soft upon applying and rinsing out. My hair is currently collarbone length stretched, low porosity, high density and each jar lasts at least 4-6 uses.

Written by Sherri on 14th Sep 2016

After recently doing the BC, I've been trying different deep conditioners to see what my hair likes. I decided to try this one after reading the reviews and I must say it did an awesome job on my dry, thick, kinky hair. It made it really soft. I will definitely be repurchasing.

Its a fantastic deep conditioner!
Written by Paris Florence on 7th Sep 2016

I tried this DC vs. my usual and I must say I love it. I don't think it made a great impression on me at first (my expectations were high from the great reviews lol). When I rinsed it out of my hair for the first time, sure my hair was soft and managable, like most DCs immediately after use; but the lasting effects throughout the week is unmatched! I didn't have to moisturize nearly as much during the week when using this DC. This will definitely be a added staple!

Our hair is sad without it!
Written by undefined on 20th Aug 2016

I love this deep conditioner. The softness and moisture that it helps me maintain wasn't evident until I "didn't feel like using it" and boy did I see and feel the difference. The smell is wonderful and I love the look of our hair once it's washed out. My go to!

Written by MURIEL YOUNGER on 1st Aug 2016

Absolutely love this deep conditioner, and will continue to purchase!!!!☺☺

My Hair Felt Amazing
Written by Erica Cote on 5th Mar 2016

My hair felt so good after using this conditioner. It was easy to detangle, but didn't leave a film behind. And it is concentrated so I didn't need much. And as always it smelled good!

One of my holy grails!!!!!
Written by undefined on 26th Feb 2016

Thank you Soultanicals for a great deep conditioner that allowed for so much slip. My curls were popping and that is the first time my hair wasn't hard to detangle. I really appreciate it. My hair is so soft and supple!

Soft, Defined Curls
Written by undefined on 10th Feb 2016

This product leaves my 4a-4c hair soft and defined. Even if I skip a wash day and my hair is super dry, my hair comes out so soft. I use it more as a pre-poo and even after a shampoo, the moisture and defined curls remain.

So Defining!
Written by undefined on 25th Jan 2016

This product is so perfect! It defines your curl and leave your hair feeling so soft and hydrated. It makes the detangling process so easy. It not to mention is smells so good.

Written by Kerlycee on 22nd Jan 2016

I love this DC! It's thick, moisturizing and smells great. It has slip but my personal preference requires a whole lot more. However I would purchase again.

Very nice
Written by brittany matthews on 21st Jan 2016

Used this last night for the first time. It was very nice, pretty moisturizing. My only complaint is that it did not spread through my hair well which caused me to use a lot of product. But my hair felt nice after rinsing.

Holy grail
Written by Mallory on 3rd Jan 2016

Let me start off by saying these products were a little pricey for my pocket but I went ahead & indulged since I had a coupon code from watching the notorious Kia YouTube video. I have natural 4c hair & I have not found a deep conditioner that has wowed me till now. My hair was so easy to detangle after using this product. I never believed the phrase "a little goes a long way" especially because my hair is so thick & coarse until I used this product. The smell is amazing; it smells like berries to me & the way it works is fantastic. I wish I could find more positive adjectives other than magical, sensational & wonderful but those will have to do. If it is one product I will continually buy as long as this site carries it is this!

Written by Maya on 11th Dec 2015

This product instantly made my hair so silky soft. My hair is extremely thick and long and surprisingly I didn't have to use the whole jar to coat my strands. PS. it smells amazing

Best DC!
Written by BermudaNatural on 11th Dec 2015

This is what started my Soultanical obsession! My 4b/c hair LOVES this stuff! The smell is a combo of sweet and floral. The first time I opened the jar I must have sniffed it for 15 mins before I actually used it! I was even more delighted when my hair was easy to detangle during and after application. It left my hair soft and my curls were popping! No other DC containing ALL NATURAL ingredients has done this for my hair. Thanks Ayo!

Written by K on 23rd Nov 2015

This brought my hair back to life after a year of dealing with protein overload. Very hydrating. I used it with a plastic cap and sat under a hooded dryer for 30 minutes.When I rinsed, I could feel the softness and the curls were poppin'. Thank you!

Curls Poppin' and Sofy
Written by Adrienne on 2nd Nov 2015

The product I initially wanted to try was out of stock but I'm glad I bought THIS product! I flat twisted my hair after a wash and deep condition with the Afrotastic Curl Elastic Deep Conditioning Treat and I kept the twists in for a few days. As the days went by, I noticed that the twists looked and felt different than they usually do after the use of other deep conditioners! When I took them out, they looked GORGEOUS and felt great, as well. I will be using this product faithfully from now.

moisture surge
Written by cerise on 21st Oct 2015

My color treat d hair was in need of moisture on aconsistent basis so I decided to give this conditioner a try with my steamer. THE BEST! The smell is pretty but not overwhelming and my hair was left soft and moisturized!

My favorite deep conditioner!
Written by K. Puckett on 12th Sep 2015

This is my "holy grail" deep conditoner. The slip is amazing and I detangle with it also. It leaves my hair moisturized and soft. I also love the way it smells.

Great for Restoring Moisture After Henna
Written by Anastasia on 24th Jul 2015

Henna is very drying for my hair and usually takes a couple deep treatments to normalize. I used this with a splash of Power to the Pre-poo after a henna treatment. Left it on for maybe an hour with a heat cap and rinsed to soft, moist hair.

Written by Janelle on 25th May 2015

I love this deep conditioner. It has truly earned its place at the top of my hair care product shelf. I use this on dry hair with heat, and my hair has never been more moisturized. I noticed a difference after the first use. Finger detangling is so easy now. SO EASY! And a little goes a long way, which is a big deal when you usually have to be heavy-handed just to get a product to work. I knocked off a star because the scent, while pleasant (fruity) is really strong, so if you're sensitive just know that. But it's temporary and your hair will be amazing so who cares.

Love this stuff!
Written by Bobbie B on 22nd May 2015

I purchased this product based on some of the reviews it's gotten on YouTube. I must say I absolutely love this stuff, I finger detangle and condition with this and my hair loves it. You won't be disappointed, just got the 16oz size and I will be purchasing the salon size. Great product!

Slip for days!
Written by Kristina Payton on 16th Apr 2015

I purchased the 8oz originally and used it up, just to buy the 16oz( I'm a little heavy handed). This stuff have so much slip, my hair was so soft after using it! It smells like fruity flowers?thats the best way I can describe it! I love this stuff! Staple ladies and gents!

Written by Audie Henry on 5th Feb 2015

I like this deep conditioner. It left my hair feeling soft and moisturized. What a feeling!!! I have used it twice and both times i was satisfied. Lastly, the smell is just wonderful. Thank you

Great deep conditioner
Written by Wanda on 23rd Aug 2014

My hair absolutely adores this product!!! It sucks it up like a straw and the moisture hangs on and on and on...

Written by Makaja on 22nd Jul 2014

I had high hopes for this, but i wasn't impressed at all. This won't be a repurchase:-(

Smells wonderful
Written by Debra on 8th Jun 2014

This was a good, moisturizing deep conditioner. Loved the smell and how it left my hair feeling soft and easy to manage/

Love this stuff!!!
Written by Adrienne on 15th May 2014

I have gone through so many different types of deep conditioners and none of them have worked nearly as great as this one! I am on my second jar and I am confident enough to say, it wont be my last

Wonderful Deep Conditioner
Written by Vanessa Williams on 11th Mar 2014

This is a great deep conditioner. It left my hair feeling soft and silky.

moisture boost to the max
Written by johanna Tennison on 3rd Jan 2014

This product speaks for itself! It leaves my hair moisturized & soft! It also makes finger detangling a breeze! Another product staple of mine!

Great Slip & Moisturizing Abilities!
Written by Lennette W on 3rd Jan 2014

Although I wasn't pleased with the shipping time of my order I must say my first initial use of your products was a great experience! This deep conditioner melted into my strands and led to a quick detangling session of each session using mostly my fingers. The slip was amazing and after I rinsed it out my hair was left so soft and moisturized...I loved it!

Written by Lynita Prater on 3rd Nov 2013

I purchased this dc just to try it out and automatically feel in love with it!! It absorbs into my hair which most dc's just sit on it and it has great slip. I followed the instructions and once I rinsed it out my curls were popping all over the place.

What I've been looking for!
Written by Cheryl Rose on 20th Oct 2013

I've been without a deep conditioner for a while and I'm so glad I found this product from Soultanicals! It helps me detangle my hair while in the shower, moisturizes and softens my hair tremendously, and smells great too! I don't have to use a ton (like I've had to with other deep conditioners) in order to see results. In three words - I love it! Thanks Ayo!

this is a must have
Written by nyasha on 13th Jul 2013

I got this as a sample with my recent purchase. I washed my hair and applied this in sections. First, it melted into my hair and spread EASILY. Second, I didn't need a lot for my entire head of fine, crazy town tangled hair. Third, what tangles? This beat my tangles to the ground. Fourth, this may be the gentlest conditioner with protein on the planet. I left it on for about 10 minutes with a plastic cap and I didn't want to rinse it out but I did and my hair was still soft AND detangled. Seriously, I get crazy town cray cray tangles, but not with this stuff. Perfect for my hair, I will purchase the biggest size I can find in my next order. Just awesome

Written by NaturallyMe on 31st May 2013

This conditioner is absolutely amazing! I tend to have dry hair because it's color treated and i have high porosity. The moment i applied this conditioner, my hair was immediately softened. Detangling was a breeze and even after i rinsed it out, my hair was still soft and fluffy. Usually when i detangle my hair it takes a really long time (45minutes or so), with this i was able to detangle my hair in like 15-20 minutes. NO LIE!!!! This product made a huge difference for me. I wish it was available in a bigger container.

Didn't work for me
Written by undefined on 14th May 2013

I wanted to love this, but it did nothing for my hair. No moisture. No softness. Nothing. I think it's a pH problem as I don't see any pH adjusters in the product. Glad I only got a sample. I think this is best for low porosity hair.

Great product!
Written by undefined on 14th May 2013

Great deep conditioner & awesome smell. It really does makes my hair feel so soft!

Bomb Dot Com
Written by Danielle N on 7th May 2013

Im sooooooo greatful and thankful for this product. It detangled my hair soooooo well and it was so hydrated. Thank you

Wish it worked for me...
Written by MrsComboCurlz on 6th May 2013

Emmm honestly surprised that this product wasn't a hit for me. Based on the ingredients & description of the product, slip was a nonfactor. This won't be a repurchase.

Written by Tiffani W. on 21st Apr 2013

Doesn't provide much slip, but Afrotastic softened my hair on contact. After steaming, my 4b hair was incredibly soft and full of moisture. I'll definitely be ordering more!

Hair felt like butter!!!
Written by Neish on 26th Mar 2013

The Afrotastic DC felt amazing going on my hair. I couldn’t believe how much slip it had and how soft it made my hair feel. I was able to use this DC with my steamer and didn’t have to add any additional oils to it. I was even more shocked that even while washing it out my maintained that same soft buttery feeling!!!As I sealed my hair my hair still felt super soft and moist and even as some sections dried out they didn’t start to tangle requiring me to rewet the section before twisting it. I will definitely be repurchasing this DC as my moisture staple DC treatment. A little goes a long way, I ordered the sample size and that lasted me 3 DC treatments!!!!

Nice Slip, Alot of Shine!
Written by Maressa E. on 14th Dec 2012

AfroTastic Dc-Went on very well,medium lotion cream tex,gave nice slip & detangle,scent sweet perfume but smell washes out,gives a lot of shine,my hair had nice ringlets..Was able to finger comb/no hair loss....Going to try it as a leave-in next time...Didn't have to add anything to it..Worked on its own..If she has a xmas sale,will stock-up for spring/summer...I like my winter Dc's dense...