Curl Blaze Hair Glaze

Curl Blaze Hair Glaze

Weight 8.00 Ounces
Height 5.00
Width 3.00
Depth 3.00


Slip into natural hair bliss with this moisturizing, shine-enhancing and oh-so-curlicious plant-based hair gel. Define with blue malva & marshmallow root, acacia honey and silky smooth plant gum to create a ph-balanced, frizz-free, hydrating experience- certain to hold your curls in heavenly cloud 9. Awesome slip & Crunch-free.
WARNING: Extremely Curl Reactive! ;)

CURL BLAZING INGREDIENTS: Distilled water Infusion of Blue Malva and Marshmallow root, Aloe Juice, Vegetable Glycerine, Guar Gum, Panthenol, Sclerotium gum, Sodium Lactate, Meadowfoam Seed Oil, Coconut Oil, Organic honey, Citrus Essential Oil and Fragrance Blend, Potassium Sorbate, Citric Acid and a glaze of love!

Product Reviews

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Best gel ever
Written by Jonais on 29th Jan 2017

Never will use any other gel!!!! Found my holy grail.

Great product
Written by JR on 26th Jan 2017

Product works wonders on my washing goes and twist outs. It leaves me with large bouncy curls and no flaking. I highly recommend this product.

Great slip and moisturizing
Written by VeeMS on 27th Dec 2016

This gel has a ton of slip. It's provides great hold without the crunch. No flaking and it works well with other products . If your looking for a great styler that moisturizes try this

Written by undefined on 11th Dec 2016

I love this gel for twist out and for twirling the ends of my coily, 4a/b hair for wash-n-gos. It doesn't have strong hold but it has amazing slip. I use a different gel when I want a stronger, heavier hold but this gel is always a finisher. It's also the only gel I use when doing a twist out. Love it! and the smell is very coconut to me, which I love!

Written by curlybeanLA on 18th Sep 2016

3c/4a high porosity, thick bsl: I love me my curl blaze! I love it most as final step in sealing my leave-in, gels, creams. It gives my hair great shine and hold always! And it pairs with everything! Now that the formula has changed and it is in a pump this is my holy grail!! Please make a bigger size and never stop making it!! PS: customer service is hands down the best at Soultanicals!! Prior to the formula change I had problems with it going bad and Ayo was quick to remedy. I applaud her and will always be a customer!

Using Lots of Water is the Key for this Product
Written by Missfee on 10th Jun 2016

In my original review back in January, I gave the Curl Blaze 4 stars, but after revisiting the product a few more times, I have to upgrade my rating to a 5. It's all in knowing how to use this product. One word: Water. Keeping your hair saturated with water while styling is REQUIRED for this product to really work to it's potential. Also, another key is making sure that your hair is COMPLETELY dry before fluffing, untwisting or picking. Ecostyler has never worked for my hair, but Curl Blaze is perfect, my hair loves it! My styles last 3-5 days at the most with the Curl Blaze and there's no crunch at all, just pure softness. I did a two strand twist with perm rods on my tapered cut and received excellent results using the Curl Blaze along with another Soultanical gem, Can't Believe It's Knot Butta. My hair is probably in the 4C range with tight coils. I've tried the other gels (sans Afro Gelato) in the Soultanicals line and by far, Curl Blaze is the BEST. Lastly, it would be great if the product came in a bottle with a pump as it is shown on the website.

Best ever!
Written by Tutti Macon on 10th May 2016

Really love this product! Please make a 32oz with pump.

love, love, love!!
Written by Makaja on 18th Mar 2016

I have only been natural for 2 years now & this is one of the three gels that I love & use (definite staple for me). I can't stand hard crunchy hair and I don't get crunchy hair with this, I get great definition, hold, doesn't dry my hair out. I love this gel!!

Pretty Good but....
Written by Missfee on 5th Jan 2016

Gives great definition, however, the texture of the gel is pretty weird. Reminded me of dawn dish detergent but despite this, the product spreads on the hair very well. Perhaps the hair should be dripping wet with using though because the next day, I found a substantial amount of flakes in my hair. Reminded me of the horror I went through when I tried the Camille Rose Curl Maker. Since the product does hold my hair definition for days longer than the new Knot Gelatin gel, I'm willing to give the Curl Blaze another chance. Perhaps use a little less product and more water.

it's not a game
Written by sembk on 29th Aug 2015

Ladies and gents, you get a lot of bang for your buck with this product. A little goes a LONG way. This product offers a good hold without being drying and the smell is nice. If you are looking for a new gel, following the maximum hydration method or have just been hemming and hawing on whether or not to buy; go ahead and make the purchase. You will not be disappointed.

Great for twist outs!
Written by Stacey Jones on 22nd Apr 2015

Used along with the 7 day styler and got great results.

Great for twist outs!
Written by Stacey Jones on 22nd Apr 2015

Used along with the 7 day styler and got great results.

A little goes a LONG way!
Written by undefined on 9th Mar 2015

After moisturizing with products in the moisture guru bundle, I use the Hair Glaze as a styling product. YOU ONLY NEED A LITTLE. I use about half a pump per 2 inch section. My curls are perfectly held, but also rally soft! This would also be a great styling product for a wash and go.

Written by undefined on 8th Jun 2014

I LOVE this product!!! It leaves min and my daughter's hair so incredibly soft and shiny. My daughter has 4a curls and this product is absolutely amazing on her hair. It holds and seals in moisture without feeling hard or sticky. I also have family members with various hair types who have used this and they all agree!!

Best definition ever!!!
Written by Adrienne Wilfong on 15th May 2014

I am not one that has to have a lot of curl definition, but this stuff is the BEST at getting my wild 4a coils contained! Pushed my EcoStyler to the side and made room for the Hair Glaze

Wonderful Definition
Written by undefined on 6th May 2014

I love the curl blaze for my wash & go. Pairing with the knot sauce and fluffaliciious curl nutricious has given me some really awesome definition and moisture. The slip on this product is like nothing I felt before. I love the products and wish I could purchase on ground but they are products I will consider buying again.

Better than UFD's Curly Magic
Written by Lucia Silveira on 28th Apr 2014

I love how lightweight and soft this product leaves your hair. My only complaint is the jar. This product NEEDS to be in a pump.

Not sure yet!
Written by SunniJ on 7th Apr 2014

I say this because it really didn't impress me. My aloe flaxseed gel does a better job in giving me the definition I desire. I will revisit this product and see if I can get the results I crave.

Get this now
Written by Ramonica on 27th Mar 2014

I freakin love this gel!! The best I have ever used. I holds my hair and gives me the best twist out!

Not bad at all
Written by Mitzi Greene on 25th Mar 2014

I typically don't use a styler (not sure why I even purchased this) but I am glad I did. Curl Blaze Hair Glaze really did control my frizz. Nice application (little goes a LONG WAY) I had no flaking and nice curl.

Great Product
Written by undefined on 13th Mar 2014

Nice product for twists and braid outs! Thought the glycerin would be too much, but the hair turned out shiny and nice. Don't use too much! Very pleased

Written by undefined on 11th Mar 2014

I really like this product it does not leave my hair super hard like most gels. I will re purchase again.

Written by Ari on 7th Mar 2014

For starters, I used this product when my hair was completely dry, and it still managed to create dynamic curls for me, so I can only imagine what it will do when my hair is wet. It smells amazing, as with most (if not all) Soultanicals products. And I was really impressed with the fact that it actually has no crunch. It says this on the label, but when I opened it and saw the cloudy, gel-like mixture I became a little skeptical. But there really is no crunch! I love this product and will definitely buy it again.

3-Day+ Hair!
Written by PeachyMom on 20th Jan 2014

If you ever had issues with Kinky Curly, this is the best alternative. The texture is thin and slippery like aloe vera from the plant and not sticky. I used this as a twist set on moisturized hair, and the result was shiny boinging natural looking curls. You only need a fingertip amount for each twist. I love the exotic and fresh scent.

Soft firm hold w/moisture
Written by Judy on 9th Dec 2013

I love this product, it is now my favorite gel. It leaves my hair soft, moisturized and touchable. Even one of my daughter's has taken to using it. I told her "there will be no sharing of this product. Place your own order" (lol).

Moisture and softness
Written by Jewdell on 1st Dec 2013

I love this gel. I have used it twice and both times it has left my wash n go curls defined and well moisturized. The slip on this gel is great.

Great detangler!!!
Written by undefined on 16th Nov 2013

Best detangler I have ever used for my daughter! The slip is amazing! This stuff glided right through my kid's 3/4b hair like butter. Because of this I am giving it a 5. Please make this in a 32oz container with a pump!!!!! However there was no moisture and left hair hard. There was plenty of shine. I was not using it for moisture, so it is not a problem for me. The consistency is very loose, so be careful when opening. This is a light gel, so if you are looking for something heavy do not purchase. Highly recommend this product for detangling!!!!! Thank you Ayo!

Written by DeLois Terrell on 16th Jun 2013

This product has given me the best wash n go ever! Love this product! Will try on a twist out next!

Love my twist
Written by Rae Rae on 21st May 2013

I used this to twist on wet hair and dry hair. I love the definition of my twist and I took one twist loose while writing this review and I can tell my twist out is going to be kickin'. I bought this product during a friday special and I'm glad I bought two jars. It reminds me of Kinky Curl but I'm glad I'm able to buy it here now and get the same results for far less money. Hair is not hard and crunchy just very defined and very set. Just make sure ya put a good moisturizer under it and seal w/oil and your good to go.

I'm confused
Written by Jackie on 13th May 2013

I tried this product on a twistout I got define curls but they were dry & hard. I have 4 c hair & I thought based on other reviews this would be great for my hair but it wasn't. I called customer service but the ideas or suggestions did not work for me.... I live in Michigan so I blame most bad dry hair days on the weather.... at this time I do regret ordering this producr it just wasn't for my hair....but the smell is wonderful.....

Smells Delicious!
Written by undefined on 24th Apr 2013

The scent is very ginger beer, fruit punchy mixed with citrus! It's like an island infusion. It has amazing slip and great hold. The product is very loose and you don't need a lot so that's great :)

Best hair gel!
Written by Naomi on 13th Apr 2013

The scent is intoxicating! It will not make your hair crunchy or sticky. It left my daughters hair soft, smelling great with nicely defined curls. I used it with the Mango Dip Detangling Slip.