Fluffalicious Curl Nutricious

Fluffalicious Curl Nutricious

Weight 8.00 Ounces
Height 4.00
Width 4.00
Depth 4.00

Known as some of the "world's best ingredients for Curly hair" (one scoop and you'll know why), this creamy nutricious hair fluff nourishes deep within the strand with hair-strengthening wheat germ oil, moisture-boosting blue malva herb and strand softening calendula leaf. Especially loved by Thick Curly Hair in need of Maximum Nourishment! 

HOW TO USE: On dry, parched hair, Fluffalicious Curl Nutricious adds moisture and nourishment from scalp to ends; melting in and keeping hair supple for days at a time. On damp hair - Fluffalicious Curl Nutricious is excellent to help lock in moisture.

NOURISHING BOTANICAL INGREDIENTS: Distilled Water Botanically Infused with Calendula and Blue Malva Herb, Organic Aloe Vera Juice, Cetyl Alcohol, Vegetable Glycerine, Rice Bran Oil, Behentrimonium Methosulfate, Avocado Oil, Wheat Germ Oil, Pro Vitamin B5, Potassium Sorbate, Citric Acid, Natural, Fragrant Blends, an extra scoop of soulistic flava & LOVE!

Product Reviews

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Great, Great, Great
Written by Coleen on 31st Jan 2017

This like all the others from this line is great, softens, smells good, easy to use, a little goes a long way, I will continue to use this one.

Written by G. Murray on 7th Dec 2016

I have recently transitioned from wearing locs and wearing a natural again which has been an adjustment. I found out about Soultanicals through the 30Day Detox. I trusted that the product met the standards of high-quality for my hair, and it does. I have fine/thin, coily hair, so curl definition is not easily achieved. I do find that this product does a good job with my braid or twist outs which I do every evening with dry hair. I don't find that I need to add water.

Written by Karen on 23rd Aug 2016

Your hair will loooove this product ! Your hair will respond with shine but not greasy just a sheen. Little SHRINKAGE. Will stay in place all day and best of all your hair will be nourished. My shedding is very minimal. I will only use these products in my hair. Go get it !! You will not be dissatisfied

Smells and works great
Written by Laura Pants on 30th Jul 2016

I use this cream just about every day. It smells incredible, and works wonders. I have been buying this as my sole hair product for months now.

Nice...the labels need some work though
Written by JESSICA D on 21st May 2016

This is not my first time purchasing from Soultanicals, this time around I order 5 items. 1. This is my 1st time purchasing Fluffalicious (happy it was I stock this time around). The shipping process has gotten better, it shipped within a 3 weeks which was better than the first 2 times I ordered. 2. Use on dry hair--many of the products say use on dry hair. I don't manipulate my hair when it is dry (unless I am taking down a braid/twist out. So I spritz my hair with water and apply a small amount to the sections. My hair was moisturized all week, I used it 3 times this week. 3. People don'the really describe thw smell of products ao when i buy i also review the smell. The smell is FABULOUS!!! As a Curly girl I get sick of smelling coco butter--as a matter of fact, any product smelling like coco butter I give away. This smells like marshmallows, with a hint of a Hawaiian roll and a banana...that is my description of smell.

Really good
Written by Dove on 16th May 2016

Firstly this has to be the best smelling product ever. Smells like cake/cookie batter. It's rich and smooth and leaves the hair so soft and it felt very moisturized. I really like this product and recommend for someone who's looking for a moisturizer and has dry kinky hair.

I'd buy it again
Written by Nia Hamilton on 27th Dec 2015

Received my order in a timely manner. Small print on label impossible to read. Small white chunks in product but smells nice and made my hair soft.

Best moisturizer ever!!
Written by sherese on 11th Nov 2015

I purchased the fluffalicious curl nutritious last Tuesday and I have to be honest I was nervous about ordering from soultanicals. Several reviews mentioned delays in product delivery ,but I took a chance and let me tell you, I am very happy and impressed. My order was placed on a Tuesday and I received it on Friday. I am only 5 months post relaxer. This product not only helped with the natural part of my hair but also the relaxed part. My waves were popping!!! It is a great moisturizer for transitioning hair. The smell is amazing!!! The only negative I have is that it did not leave a shine on my hair but that was ok I just sealed it with some oil. I will definitely buy this again. I'm interested in the other hair products soultanicals has to offer

Moisture and great texture
Written by Crystal Blanton on 21st Sep 2015

I got this last week and have been using it since then. It gives my hair great moisture that also locks in really defined curls. I used it after the wash and it made my curls amazing and defined... and bouncy.

Minimal shrinkage
Written by undefined on 5th Jul 2015

I absolutely love this product. It's very light on my hair and doesn't give me much shrinkage. It keeps my hair moisturized and give good definition to my hair, especially with twist and twist outs.

Great for transitioners
Written by Type 4 (some 3) hair on 28th Apr 2015

I found out about this product from the blog naturallycurly.com. I was really surprised that this did so well. I've had a bit of ups and downs with my hair journey where my roots are now thick but from my ends up about 2-3 inches my hair is thin/fine. I read in the blog that this was great for transitioners. It took me a while to figure out that my hair was back in that stage again. I really needed something light especially for the thin part of my hair. This has a great scent, it doesn't weigh down my hair, and it left my hair nicely moisturizer wether it be the thin or the thick part. I have bought this a few times and will buy again.

Written by Jessica on 27th Aug 2014

I would like to try this product.---haven't tried it yet but it said I needed to give a Rating I've bought 4 products already and have 1 more in my shopping cart. Everything is pretty much sold out so I can't try this one. But let me know what this product smells like for the next time it is available for purchase.

Moisture moisture
Written by Constance on 8th Apr 2014

Fluffalicious gives my hair great moisture. I have never stayed with a hair line the way I have stayed with Soultanicals and I am done wasting my money and time because Soultanicals give my haiir the plumpness and moisture it needs for days on end. Fluff a licit us is my go to moisture along with the knot sauce thanks soultanical

Daily Moisturizer
Written by Zakia Bailey on 26th Mar 2014

I purchased this product and have used it on wet and dry hair. The smell was fragrant yet not overpowering. I enjoyed the amount of moisture it provided. However it didn't provide moisture for days on end, I needed to re-moisturize the next day. Overall I did enjoy this product.

It was okay
Written by Brandy on 8th Jan 2014

I was expecting a little more slip but my hair didn't respond to it well. I also didn't like the smell.

Lightweight and lifting!
Written by MJ on 12th Nov 2013

This product is exactly what everyone else says it is. So moisturizing, leaving the hair soft and still able to reach great heights! Love the volume that I am still able to get while trying to protect my hair from dryness. I would recommend this product for summer months when it's a bit safer to wear a wash and go. You may need something like a heavy butter to combat the coldest winter days instead, so I will be saving my Fluffalicious for the warmer months to come!

My hair loves it
Written by Zene on 2nd Nov 2013

Its honestly so hard to find a product that moisturizes without weighing my hair down. My hair drinks this stuff up. It leaves it looking shiny and bouncy and it feels smooth. I wish I bought the larger size!

My favorite Soultanicals Moisturizer
Written by Jennifer H. on 18th Sep 2013

This moisturizer is the best product from this brand! I absolutely love the way this melts into my hair and leaves my twistouts so moist and fluffy. This is one of my staple Soultanicals products.

LIght and very Effective
Written by CJ on 3rd Sep 2013

This pillow-soft, sweet smelling, moisturising curl enhancer is great. It goes on smooth and melts into your hair, making the curls pop. I put on after the leave in and before the gel. Makes for a beautiful, not crunchy WNG. I have already re-purchased. STAPLE !!!

Moisture With Killer Twist / Braid Out Definition
Written by Esquida on 25th Aug 2013

My review is based on the consensus (40 to 50) of the naturalistas in my circle (as we come together on a regular basis to fellowship and share / test hair / skincare products as well as share our long term experiences with the same). We tested without using a separate product to seal. Smells yummy...Sweet and decadent. Provided moderate moisture / softness. Twist / Braid outs were soft and madly defined with a little frizz. Definition will hold for a few days with proper care and refreshing – longer with the additional of a little hair gel on top. Overall, everyone was happy with their style results. (See my review for Marula-Muru Moisture Guru). Quite a few of the sisters did comment that if Fluffalicious and Marula-Muru were married with a little more flaxseed gel and the addition of Irish Sea Moss (which some diehard 4Cs swear by for killer wash and go definition and elongation), it would probably be the perfect moisturizing / defining / styling product all rolled into one. We would definitely repurchase.

Great for my curly hair
Written by Roz on 8th Jul 2013

I use it on a regular basis and my hair has grown since I have been using it. It works great right after I take my hair out of twist. It gives me curls so much volume.

Written by Marissa on 11th Jun 2013

I really wanted to like this... Its too watery. I was expecting a fluffy whipped moisturizer. The consistency needs to be thicker and whipped maybe. The smell is great.

Written by undefined on 6th Jun 2013

i really thought this product would be a little thicker it was really runny like a conditioner. its very moisturizing but I am looking for something that's a little thicker like a cream. it smells wonderful. its good that you can purchase sample size to try before you commit to buying the full size.

Written by Naomi on 25th May 2013

Ok when I first received this I did not like it. I ended up putting it away for 2 months! I used it again recently and realized I was too heavy handed the first time using it. Although I tend to prefer the Moisture Guru this does an excellent job maintaining moisture in the hair. Thanks Soultanicals, I get quality products with every order and continue to enjoy trying different things.

Super Hydrating
Written by Neish on 20th May 2013

This product is SOOOO hydrating. Each time I used it I felt like I was actually putting water on my hair. It is so lightweight and melts into your hair without a greasy feel. My hair felt super soft even days after using it. The main thing I love about the Soultanical products is that I don't have to moisturize everyday. I have type 4B/C hair and my hair loves anything that is moisturizing.

Definition of what curls should look like
Written by Yvonne on 14th Mar 2013

This product is the best if you want definition of your curl without weighing down the hair. I love this product and recommend it for anyone that wants to see what your actual curl looks like. With all butters you must remember to spritz with a liquid I used the kind drink from this line. Definition is what you get.

Another winner , and must have!
Written by Zainab1 on 8th Mar 2013

This is yet another fabuous product from soultanicals. The product gives me very hydrated hair, long lasting softness, and awesome shine. It's light, without weighing my strands down. Fluff-a-licious could not have been a better name, because it does just that. It leaves my hair light and fluffy. Great product and a rebuy and must have in my regimen.

Warning Fluffalicious causes serious hand in hair syndrome!!
Written by Kinky, Curly in the T Dot on 15th Jan 2013

This hair cream is to die for. I just twisted my hair up for the night using Fluffalicious as my moisturizer and my hair is sooooo soft, smooth and shiny. I have serious love for this product, its creamy texture, quality ingredients (love products with blue malva) and delicious scent makes my hair extremely happy. I recommend this product to naturals who prefer cream based moisturizers that doesn't weight your strands down or have a greasy after feel. Like I said...just soft, touchable hair.