Hairline Bling- Growth Renewing Edge Balm

Hairline Bling- Growth Renewing Edge Balm

Weight 5.00 Ounces

Hairline Bling supports strong growing hair, healthy hair growth and a healthy scalp!

These follicle boosting ingredients stimulates blood flow to the scalp. Best when applied to the temple and nape areas and feel the tingling sensation as it directly impacts the areas that need it the most.

Ingredients: Castor Oil, Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil infused with Sulfur & Cayenne Extract, Hemp Seed Oil, Black Seed Oil, Olive Wax, Jamaican Black Castor Oil, Garlic Oil,Green Tea Extract, Tea Tree Oil, Lavender & Rosemary Essential Oils, Vitamin E & LOTS OF LOVE!

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Hairline Bing Edge Balm
Written by Ronnie on 22nd Apr 2017

Do not change this product keep making it. Yes I love it and it's making my edges come back...You know a product is working when you can smell it.. I love it.. again keep this in production and thanks for being Soultanicals..

One of my staple products! LOVE!!!
Written by Teej on 6th Apr 2017

Hairline Bling is working its magic!!! My edges grew back and thickened within 2 weeks. I apply to my edges (and scalp) daily. I even found that if I apply it before I take a warm shower, the results are similar to a deep conditioning treatment. SIGN UP for the email reminders when it's SOLD OUT so you can get you some of this magical goodness!

Good support product
Written by Donna Kiel on 18th Jul 2016

I like this product though the scent is strong. I never had the impression that this product was for smoothing edges but to support an area of hair and scalp that can be vulnerable to sweating, facial cleansers, mechanical tension and hormonal changes. For me, it does that job. I do take hair vitamins but I feel like this is the second part of a two prong approach. Thanks!

Effective, Strong Scent
Written by Harlem Haute on 30th May 2016

The scent is strong (10+) and looks Kuza solid grease in a shoe polish tin : ) Ever been in a Bklyn store with tons of items from across the African have to step out for fresh breaths cause the scents are nice just too many? I put it on at night before the satin pillow...yeah, its still strong in the morn and I have to change pillowcases. I have learned to layer it with a scent castor oil to turn down the "smell-a-vision." I might try a peppermint EO next time. Oh! If you wear Hijab and looking for something to save your fairly warned Sisahhhhhs :O

Scalp grease
Written by Briana on 22nd Feb 2016

This product is meant to grow ur hair and edges. Its not meant for hold. It has the consistency of a light grease and smoothes on real easy. Its perfect for using everyday because its light nd it doesnt feel like its built up on my scalp. I get the cool tingling feeling after putting it on. I havnt used it long enough to see growth but i do really like this product so far. Nd it does smell like straight up sulfur, just a warning lol.

Not a true product for edges
Written by Foxey on 23rd Jan 2016

Wish I would had followed my initial instincts and not purchased this product, but because I enjoy so many other Soultanical products, I figured why wouldn't this product be exciting but I was dead wrong. Not only does this product have a strong, stinky sulfur smell, it's only a bunch of oils to apply to your edges. Well guess what, the smell is so strong that it stays with you even after you have long left the house...and the product doesn't lay edges down either. So while if daily use would actually help with growth around your edges, the smell alone prevents you from wanting to use it on such a frequent basis. I wish there was a product recycling program because if I could trade this product in for another Soultanical product that I love, it would be lovely.

I didn't read the label
Written by FDavis on 15th Jan 2016

I wish I had read the label more carefully and realized that it had sulfur in it. I hate the smell of sulfur, and unfortunately it's pretty strong in this product. I'm going to try and use it anyway (at night) and then mask the smell with something else. I'll have to update my review when I've used it for a while but this was just my first impression.