"Honey, I Shrunk the Frizz"- Strand-Poo Bar

"Honey, I Shrunk the Frizz"- Strand-Poo Bar

Weight 3.50 Ounces

This conditioning strand-poo bar is nothing short of "nectar of the godesses" goodness. Sweet Honey meets frizzy curls in a cleansing hair match that is specially formulated to nourish the hair follicles, reduce frizz and eliminate dehydration. Full of delicious, natural extraordinary ingredients, this bar will  leave your strands looking glossy, healthy & smelling delicious! :)

MOISTURE PENETRATING INGREDIENTS: Saponified Oils of Coconut, Palm, Safflower, Vegetable Glycerin, Honey, Purified Water, Shea Butter, Wheat Germ Oil, Meadowfoam Seed Oil, Behentrimonium Methosulfate, Hydrogenated Palm (and) Palm Kernel Glycerides, Sodium Lactate, Sorbitol, Sorbitan Oleate, *Soy Bean Protein, an extra lather of soulistic flava & LOVE!

Our Soy Bean Protein is non-GMO, meaning the soybeans are never genetically changed or altered.

Rub the soap into your hair.
Massage scalp to produce a nice creamy lather.
Detangle with a wide-toothed comb or detangling brush.
Rinse well.
Spread fingers thru fluffy, clean, shiny, frizz-free strands! Enjoy! :)

Product Reviews

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Written by Taylor Artis on 22nd Apr 2017

This is the first shampoo bar I have ever used and I can say I'm in love. It gives me great slip, cleans my hair with out it feeling stripped! And more! I needed a shampoo I could use all the time and I finally found it. It's easier to use if you break it up into four pieces and store the rest for a later use!!

Written by Shae on 26th Nov 2016

I just think that this is my favorite poo bar. I just love the way it softens and detangles my hair plus less frizz and who can argue with that.

great gentle cleanser
Written by Paris Florence on 7th Sep 2016

First time trying a shampoo bar and must say it is very convenient to use over a bottled product. My hair responds best to this bar when it doesn't have a lot of build up. I tried it once after procrastinating my wash day and had to really work it to cleanse. Other than that its great.

Written by undefined on 1st Sep 2016

HOW does this poo bar have slip though? Every time I use it, I find myself detangling my hair!! I use it right before conditioner/cowash and by the time I put the condish in, my hair is mostly detangled. For reference I have 4a/4b hair maaaybe a handful of 3c strands in the back or on the sides. But vast majority 4a/4b. The 4b hair I have is mostly at the front of my head and frizzes up like a mofo, but when I use this I notice less frizz. Anyway Ayo, you did that, and I will be purchasing again when mine runs out.

Good Cleanser
Written by undefined on 20th Jul 2016

I am a fan of poo bars and have tried several over the years. I would say this is in my top 3 ! The smell is so nice and it did a good job cleansing without stripping my hair too much.

Bar shampoo
Written by undefined on 5th Jul 2016

Great smelling also cleanses well .. no filmy residue or hard dry hair

best poo bar
Written by Alida on 2nd May 2016

This poo bar gently cleans the hair without stripping it. My hair was very soft after one use. Will purchase again

Shampoo bar convert
Written by BermudaNatural on 11th Dec 2015

I had never tried a shampoo bar until now. I have 4b/c hair and took a chance on this bar since all the other products from this line have worked so well on my hair (after many trial combinations). This bar smells delicious and made my curl definition pop while in the shower! It definitely felt clean after 2 washes. My hair felt moisturized and not stripped afterwards. I also only use half the bar at a time. There is no need for me to go back to bottled shampoo!

Written by Lawanda Gilbert on 22nd Sep 2015

I love this shampoo bar. I received a sample and fell in love w/ how moisturized it made my 4C hair after rinsing it out. Although, I've never been so compelled to leave a review before. Saying the packaging was cheap, is an understatement. IT WAS A COMPLETE THROW AWAY. It was just shrink wrap plastic w/ a cheap zeroxed copy of a soultanicles logo, heavily taped on top. The paper was so big all around the sides, it crumbled everywhere in the package. I ordered 2 and just felt the urge to just cut everything off! I'm not picky, but I can't help but to think I'm not getting enough for an 8 dollar soap bar. I could have at least got a soap box. This is something that may not make me re-purchase again due to such poor care and handling. If they don't care, really why should I?

Cleansing Without Stripping!
Written by Anastasia on 25th Jul 2015

I used a shampoo bar once, years ago, and my hair felt so dry that I assumed all shampoo bars were like this and swore them off. I'm so glad I ordered this to try during a recent sale. Very cleansing without being drying and so mild I even used it to wash my 2 year old's hair tonight with no worries of it turning into a matted mess. I sliced my bar into several slivers to make it easier to use an anticipate this bar lasting a good while. Great value. Thank you!

Love it!
Written by Ioanna on 4th Jul 2014

The smell is amazing, like a sweet herbal tea :) It leaves my hair clean, hydrated, easy to manage and so shiny! I use it also every morning and night to cleanse my face and my side bangs :) Thank y! :)

very cleans
Written by undefined on 18th Jun 2014

this is definetly not a harsh shampoo you get a very creamy lather just like in one of the ( product videos that they got here on the website) I rarely wash my hair with shampoo, I only do it when I feel buildup, and it did leave my hair with less frizz.

This was a treat!
Written by Debra on 8th Jun 2014

I never knew of bar shampoo and was genuinely surprised by how moisturizing this was. It cleaned my hair and scalp without drying it out. It will be so easy to travel with. Such a great find! And it smells wonderful!

Written by Brownsugar on 2nd Jun 2014

I have had the opportunity to use this product a number of times, and I am very pleased with the results. It lathes well, and is very moisturizing. I can de tangle, while washing. It leaves my hair curly and somewhat shrunken. I rock tapered, 6 inch, 4C hair and I use it for my wash-n-go's. I have already placed another order of 4 additional bar's. I will be using this product for a long time to come.

Not for me
Written by Grandmahills on 18th Apr 2014

This poo bar left my hair feeling kind of sticky. I had to wash my hair with another shampoo immediately after I used the bar.

Soft Beautiful Hair.
Written by Tracey N on 12th Dec 2013

This is the first shampoo bar I ever used, and its safe to say that I'm hooked. I went in to my shower with dirty tangled hair and came out with a soft, fluffy, tangle-free fro.

Written by Satisfied Customer on 3rd Nov 2013

Ok. I have tried shampoo bars in the past and they have never worked for me. I rec'd this poo bar as a sample with my order and thought ok, I'll give it a try. It lathered like no other shampoo bar I've tried. My hair felt some kind of way that I can't explain, but it was good. I will be purchasing the full size bar soon!!!

Wonderful Conditioning Bar
Written by shandy walton on 3rd Nov 2013

This smelled heavenly and worked like a charm, it soothed and smoothed my thick natural hair, left me feeling clean and well lathered without stripping the hair as most products do. I am admittedly smitten by this cleanser!

Amazing smell and softness
Written by Dina on 31st Oct 2013

This is my fave shampoo bar because of the floral scent. It's easy to lather and leaves my hair soft and hydrated.

Very good shampoo bar
Written by undefined on 19th Aug 2013

This is the first shampoo bar I have ever purchased and it does a good job of infusing moisture into my type 4, low porosity hair. I have to lather twice to get that 'squeaky clean' feeling but my hair does not feel dry and it is noticeably softer after using it. Great ingredients as well. I will repurchase again.

Lovin the poo!
Written by Sunni on 3rd Aug 2013

I must say this is one of the nicest poo bars I've tried in a while.Great lather,nice smell and it actually cleanses my scalp.

best poo bar
Written by lisa on 27th Jul 2013

This is the best poo bar hands down..I have tried others..but having 4 c hair it's very difficult to find a bar that makes your hair soft while washing.. I was amazed! It even had stretch in it! I was able to detangle with this bar..unheard of! To sum it up...best bar around! Grab some..not one..SOME!

These are great!
Written by Naomi on 27th Jul 2013

Nice scent, quality ingredients, lush lather, soft hair. What more could you ask for?!