Knot Sauce

Knot Sauce

Weight 8.00 Ounces
Height 6.00
Width 2.00
Depth 2.00

A Nappilicious Reinvention of A Natural Hair Detangler, Super-Naturally Emphasized with Blue Malva Herb, Brocolli Seed Oil & Coconut Nectar for Excellent Comb-Thru Spreadability & Extra Softness! A lusciously creamy, delish blend of cake batter and butter icing with a hint of vanilla. The Proof is in the Sauce! 

Directions: On damp or dry hair, divide tangled, matted or knotted strands into 4-8 sections. Apply a sufficient amount to the entire length of one section at a time and work through with fingers. Use a wide toothed comb to comb through from end to root as coils become irresistably soft, super-naturally manageable & instantly detangled. Can be used as a conditioner or Leave in.

NOURISHING, PLANT-BASED INGREDIENTS: Distilled Water Botanically Infused with Certified Organic Blue Malva, Nettle, Horsetail, Slippery Elm, Oatstraw, Chamomile, Coltsfoot & Marshmallow Root, Certified Organic Aloe Juice, Meadowfoam Seed Oil, Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Flaxseed Gel, Behentrimonium Methosulfate, Cetyl Alcohol, Cocoa Butter, Brocolli Seed Oil, Crambe Seed Oil, Pro-Vitamin B5, Guar Gum, Algae, Coconut Nectar, Leuconostoc/Radish Root Ferment Filtrate, Natural, Fragrant & Essential Oil Blends, Potassium Sorbate, Black Willowbark Extract, Citric Acid, an extra pouring of soulistic flava & LOVE!

Product Reviews

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Really like like :)
Written by Charlene on 22nd Feb 2017

Great scent. Great detangler.

OMG Softness
Written by Cri on 27th Jan 2017

They best detangler hands down! I need NO comb. I will re-order this and will be a staple in my regimen.

Written by ELNORA RUCKER on 23rd Jan 2017


Written by Tabatha Burkley on 20th Dec 2016

My plan was to be able to use the same line for my daughter and I. She's 2 with the thickest hair I've ever seen on a toddler. The only product that's been decent for detangling was a Shea Moisture line for kids but id have to use almost a 3rd of the conditioner and it just still wasn't cuttin it! I ordered a small bottle of Knot Sauce to try on her hair bc I was skeptical and didn't want to be disappointed. I dread wash day for her. I wanna cry just as much as she does! Knot Sauce on her hair as a wash out conditioner and then was like MAGIC on that head..melted into her hair...she cried but not half as much as she usually does! I...WE are customers for life!!

This product ohhhhhh yes
Written by Coleen Farrell on 7th Nov 2016

I love this product sooooooo much, I have never used anything like it, I will purchase, again and again, my hair is soft and shiny, I twisted after using it along with I can't believe it's not butta

Worth the hype!
Written by Mia on 22nd Aug 2016

It took me years to listen to people to try this product now this whole line has been a blessing! Just go for it and order this product I reach for it for everything nothing compares not even the knot today! High porosity hair and slightly damaged this stuff even blows other DC's out of the water!

Too small of a bottle but super good
Written by undefined on 1st Aug 2016

I've heard lots of good thing about this product and frankly I agree with them the hair is just so manageable after. the slip is so deep that it feels almost like it doesn't really penetrate my hair but have to admit it gets the job super well done

Makes my hair soft
Written by Regina M Davis on 19th Jun 2016

I like the feel of the sauce on my hair, it makes it really soft, but there are other, less expensive products that do the same. I am willing however, to try some of the other products. Judging from many of the reviews, there is bound to be another product(s) that will do it for me.

Written by Talisha L. on 1st Jun 2016

This product was ok...The Mango Dip Detangling Slip was a better product for me! I will continue to use this product on dry hair as a moisturizer.

Holy grail
Written by Ahmalyah Maynard on 31st May 2016

Best all in one product

I am in love..
Written by Yolanda on 28th May 2016

I received my Knot Sauce this past Thursday and I am just in love with the way that it makes my hair feel, so soft and manageable. I will definitely order this again, in a bigger size..

Finally a true detangler!
Written by undefined on 7th May 2016

OMG, this is truly a great detangler product! It's consistency is more liquidy(not as thick) as I expected but still gets the job done efficiently. I had to see if this product held up to all the surrounding hype so I decided to try it and have been using it ever since on my hair & especially on my daughter's hair which is thicker and more coily than mine, this literally cut the detangling/styling time in half and WITH NO TEARS from her as usual, I'm sold!

best leave in ever
Written by Alida Dinkins on 2nd May 2016

I have used a lot of different products over the years. I have never used a leave in this good. It goes on smooth and is very soft and moisturizing applyed to my damp TWA. Love this product . Will be purchasing again

I am one HAPPY Coily customer!!
Written by undefined on 30th Mar 2016

I have 4c, thin and fine coils and used this product as my "pre-poo" detangler. Very light and detangles easily and did not leave that sticky feeling afterwards. I also used as leave in under my gel and had the best defined "washngo" thus far!!

Tangles Just Melt
Written by Classicgem on 18th Mar 2016

This product is so moisturizing and my tangles seemed to just melt away with only a small amount. I will definitely buy this product again.

This is the sh......
Written by Nita on 16th Mar 2016

Love this stuff. omg I just leave it in no rinsing, my 4a-4c hair crazy happy. get this ppl as a matter of fact by several

Holy Grail of detanglers
Written by M'Isha Starks on 22nd Feb 2016

This is my new favorite product. I could not finger detangle in the shower and it was just soooo tangled. Once I added Knot Sauce, I was able to get through each small section with a wide tooth comb. My only issue is that I ordered the 8 oz and got a 6.8 oz. Next time I will order the larger size with the pump!

Super Love
Written by Mia on 17th Feb 2016

It's like the next best thing to Kinky Curly KNOT TODAY. I would use it every other day on my hair. It provides the curl definition and moisture that I need. :)

Knot Sauce
Written by undefined on 12th Feb 2016

Oh my....this knot sauce is awesome. It is great as a detangler, conditioner, and most importantly as a leave in conditioner. I have been looking for a leave in conditioner that was able to give my daughter as well as my hair the moisture it needed on our thick curly hair. I love how I was able to style our hair and 5 days later, our hair is still moisture. Next time I plan on purchasing the larger container.

A fan!
Written by brittany matthews on 1st Feb 2016

When I first got it, I loved it simply for the slip and the smell. It was however too light for me to use as a detangler so I pushed it to the side for a few months. I revisited this product again last week and my hair felt differently lol. I didn't take into account that when I used it months prior, I was experience a hair funk where my hair was uncooperative no matter what I used. This product is indeed light but no doubt moisturizing. Even for my thick curls. I gave it a 4 because I want to use it a few more times before I declare it to be as bomb as I believe it will be.

Written by Maya on 11th Dec 2015

This product is amazing and lives up to the hype. I have terribly tangly long and thick curly hair and this product works great for me. Knot sauce also works as really nice leave in conditioner.

Knots be gone
Written by Jackie on 27th Oct 2015

My hair gets tangled very quickly and sometimes I can't get hair tyes out without a fight. But Knot Sauce takes care of all of the struggles. It always to be able to style without having to spend twenty minutes detangling.

knot sauce
Written by undefined on 27th Oct 2015

Best moisturizer i have ever used. Not full of water. Hair doesn't draw up after use and still soft when i get up in the morning

Almost addictive
Written by undefined on 24th Sep 2015

I could almost fall in love with it, almost. I enjoy the detangling action and the added moisture it gives as a leave-in. AND ITS GLYCERIN FREE!! The only problem I have is the smell. I like very light to no scent in my products so when I got the perfume like scent, I was turned off immediately. Especially since most heavy scented products give me headaches. Because I bought it, I won't wasting my money and toss it. I do like the results, not many products give me good results without drying out my hair but the until the bottle runs out I'll just use it as a pre-poo or a wash out conditioner.

Took a few tries to figure this one out....
Written by Anastasia on 14th Jul 2015

I bought this mainly as a detangler for my daughter's hair. Spritzed with water, applied the product which initially went on like silk. Then in the time it took to grab the comb all the moisture seem to have dissipated, leaving behind an odd, "product-y" feel. The next time I tried it was on her hair after washing (with Flower Power Hair Shower). I used it as the conditioner on her soaking wet hair and just left it in to detangle with and as a leave-in. Perfect! I also use it as a conditioner / leave-in on my hair. It works best for me when diluted 1:2 with water into an applicator bottle. Next time I'll order a bigger bottle!

They Call Me Ms. Skeptical
Written by undefined on 29th Jun 2015

Skeptical is my middle name. When I heard about this product, I thought the women who raved about it where paid to do so. Well, I ordered it, tried it, asked my daughter to try it and we've both been convinced. This makes my 4C hair and my daughter's 3C hair so easy to comb after shampooing, that I'll be recommending it to all of my natural haired sisters. This is an unpaid Rave!

Non-Greasy Detangler
Written by undefined on 17th Feb 2015

I love this product! It has a great smell. It detangles beautifully after a good wash/shampoo. It does not leave the hair greasy. Hair is manageable and soft.

Awesome Sauce
Written by Donna Miller on 2nd Jan 2015

I've used this leave-in on damp and dry hair, the results were the same, soft, sheeny, defined 4C tresses. This leave-in is amazing, I've placed my order for 32oz. I've finally found a staple leave-in that I am thoroughly pleased with after 4years of returning natural.

This is THE ONE!!!
Written by Mbomyo on 30th Nov 2014

Thank you Soultanicals! My search is over! This product will be a staple in my home from now on. This morning as usual my son woke up with his 3c curls matted with knots. I wet his hair, spread a few dollops of knot sauce, began to work the comb through, added a bit more water to help "activate," and VOILA! Within 30 seconds the comb was gliding through his curls! It also left them defined, coily, and shiny! Much Less time, less crying, more peace of mind (that I'm inflicting less discomfort on my child in the combing/de-tangling process) = PRICELESS! I'm a customer for life!

Finally...SLIP! (And it and smells amazing)
Written by Dawn on 28th Nov 2014

So far this is the best product I've tried as far as amount of slip! My 2-year old (3c) and 3-year old's (3a) curls get VERY tangled, and this product seems to do the best work. I think in order to use less of this precious (expensive but well worth it) product I will pre-treat with Shea Moisture's detangler, then after rinsing that out apply the knot sauce to "finish the job!"

Written by Rita on 1st Oct 2014

I absolutely love this detangler/leave-in. It goes on so smoothly and instantly detangler my hair. And it smells amazing.

Absolutely one of the best
Written by Carleen on 30th Sep 2014

I have been a natural for several years. I am a certified product junkie. And this is definitely one of the best detanglers I have ever tried. The moment I put this on my hair it instantly melted in and like magic my matted hair detangled when I ran the comb through the first time.

Written by Jessica on 26th Aug 2014

I always give credit where credit is due. The packaging was on point! I bought 4 items and each was wrapped to ensure the safe travels of the products. Everyone talks about the smell...but it smells like Shea Butter. That's about it. It was a bit more runny than I thought it would be. Didn't do much to detangle...which was kind of a let down cause I'd seen so many videos and comments :-( . I usually use Mixed Chicks Deep Conditioner to detangle--which hasn't let me down yet. This won't be my last product I buy from Soultanicals, I am all about supporting Black Owned business! I was more surprised to read and find out that all of these products are hand made. Pretty cool.

This stuff is amazing!!!
Written by undefined on 24th Aug 2014

I have low porosity 4a/ 4b hair. When I use other products, my hair is always dry and stiff when it finish air drying after a wash. When I use this product my hair is super shiny, and moist. I think this product is worth every penny!!!

Great conditioner
Written by Wanda on 23rd Aug 2014

Tired the knit sauce for the first time and my hair absolutely lives it!! My hair was soft and shiny , and detangler quite easily. I could also see nice curl definition immediately after using it

The best slip EVER!!!
Written by Samone on 19th Aug 2014

This is a GREAT product as a leave in conditioner. It has wonderful, wonderful slip. My hair is mostly 4C with a few strands of 4B and this product made my coils and kinks soft, manageable and plus added a nice sheen. Great twist out definition as well. Love this product!

Great product
Written by Dana ClayPerdue on 14th Aug 2014

This is a really good product, and it has great ingredients!! As a detangler it didn't work for my hair texture it's just tightly coiled, but I loved it as a leave in.. Staple for me. My hair was soft had shine no glycerin(yes) great, great. When I combined the knot sauce, can't believe it's not butta, and the gelato together... I was in heaven! Great slip, and the best curl definition ever!!

So In Love
Written by TLC on 9th Aug 2014

This is best detangler by far. It just melts the tangles from my hair. I am more than please!

True to its name
Written by Jessica on 16th Jul 2014

I really like the knot sauce detangler. Just a little goes a long way. I've only had this product for a few weeks now so I'll see how well it does over long term usage. The smell of this product along with the others is phenominal. I would definitely order more of this!

Best Detangler Ever!!!
Written by Kylie on 13th Jul 2014

I was hesitant about purchasing due to the long shipping wait (it was less than 3 weeks). The product was awesome! I even let my husband run his fingers through my hair! My curls clumped nicely and my hair was detangled in about 20 minutes and I have waist length hair/3B so that is like half the time! I loved this product and I should have purchased the salon size so for my next purchase I will totally do that. I ordered the limited edition Bake Berry version of this and I loved the smell. I really hope you guys bring that back again. I'm sure that this smells just as sweet. My hair stayed moisturized all week and my curls were still clumped and intact. I really can't wait to try more of your products since I had such a wonderful experience! Thank you!!!

Love this!!!
Written by Ami on 18th Jun 2014

An amazing product the slip, moisture, and definition is unreal

Love it!
Written by LA Curly Girls on 9th Jun 2014

I've been using this as a daily moisturizer and leave-in, but this weekend I used it as a conditioner. Loved it all 3 ways! I wish the shipping was faster. You can't run out of something this good!

Deserves a 10!!!
Written by True Fan on 8th Jun 2014

OMG!!! I have 4c hair and it tangles alot after washing! But when I put a small quarter size amount of Knot Sauce in all 4 sections of my wet hair it detangled so easily!! I was so amazed of the slip of my hair!!! I will keep ordering Soultanicals and I truly feel the soulful love put in the products!!!

Knot Sauce, Marula Muru, Kiddie Tanicals Curl Detangler
Written by Zina Kind on 27th Apr 2014

Products smell great. I used them on my 4 year old daughter's wet, waist length natural curly coils and they worked really well at hydrating and softening her hair. Her hair was more manageable on a daily basis using these products. My daughter who hates having her hair combed, still hates to have it combed, but it takes much less time to complete the process which is good for both of our psyches. :)

"Awesome" Sauce
Written by undefined on 18th Apr 2014

I love, love, love this product. I used it alone for a wash and go! My curls were soft, shiny and touchable, no other product was needed! It smells so good! I will be purchasing this in a larger size.

Best darn detangler I have tried so far!
Written by Fl mom on 18th Apr 2014

My problem area are my ends. This stuff makes it a pleasure to detangle with. I've used it on wet an dry hair an love it both ways. As far as a leave in it didnt give me the moisture I was looking for thats why I only gave it 4 stars. Glad I took a chance and purchased the 32oz!

Awesome Leave-in
Written by SunniJ on 7th Apr 2014

Great product, I love it to detangle with and as a wonderful leave-in.

Great Slip
Written by Zakia Bailey on 26th Mar 2014

Let me just say this, the smell is AMAZING! the slip is SUPERB!i used this on wet hair. I applied it in sections and it felt so slippery and moisturizing. I can't wait to use it again. This is an AWESOME product...I have to use it sparingly so that I don't run out! I have since ordered 6 new products from this line and can't wait until they arrive!

Some Great Sauce
Written by Novella L. on 1st Mar 2014

I love the whole concept and how great this knot sauce made my hair feel so moisturized it is a great product.

Written by A Happy Mama on 20th Jan 2014

I have been through MANY products in my 3 year journey with my son's 3C hair. So many times I've had to choose between the cost and all natural ingredients without even knowing if the product will work. FINALLY, a product that detangles and smoothes my lil mans curls, is all natural, easy on the pocket and smells like our favorite yellow cake. We <3 this stuff.

Gets the job done
Written by dee on 16th Jan 2014

The ingredients and great reviews made me try this. It gave me slip made my hair soft, love the smell and gave me shine.

Amazing detangler
Written by Brandy on 8th Jan 2014

I was very happy with this product. I am transitioning and my hair gets tangled really bad. This was amazing. As soon as I applied it I noticed a difference right away. It smells like vanilla cake batter. I was glad I got the big bottle. I also used it as a leave in conditioner. It made my hair very moisturized.

A blessing from heaven!!
Written by Born2bme4c on 29th Dec 2013

I hate detangling my 4c hair. I have never been able to detangle with any conditioner, no matter what...until NOW:) This sauce is all the hype and more. I was so shocked when my comb glided thru my 4c knotted,coily ends. will order the salon size when back in stock. In the meantime, I will order a 16oz now. Thanks Soultanicals!! You've made this southern girl 4c hair very HAPPY!!

A bit.... disappointed? But not really?
Written by Nesha on 25th Dec 2013

I think the reviews I've seen of this product hyped it up a bit too much for me, and it just fell flat of my expectations. It's like hearing everyone rave about a new movie, and thinking it's not that great. it does make detangling easier for me than if I used nothing, but only a little. It's also an okay leave-in. All in all, it is an average product. The reason that it gets 4 stars is because the smell is so amazing, like a vanilla cake and icing. I will definitely purchase this again. Even though it is an average product, I prefer this smell to the other detanglers I have tried.

Written by MJ on 24th Dec 2013

I love this product it smells awesome and detangling was a breeze on my 3c/4a hair. I wish I would have ordered more than 1 bottle. This is a definite repurchase.

love it
Written by undefined on 24th Dec 2013

I love the knot sauce . It has an awesome slip . I love the coconut smell which is my favorite. I will definitely buy it again.

My Fav
Written by undefined on 23rd Dec 2013

Great product great smell gives lasting moisture and softness! Love it! I recently got 2 big bottles one for me and one for my 10 yr old niece she loves it too! She has big 4A hair and I have 4C hair even though she thinks we are hair twins! Lol! I twist my hair with this at night (use as a leave in on wash days) and seal my hair it is full of moisture with springy coils! My niece's twists are so plump and full of moisture! Love this stuff!...and no glycerin...that's what I love!

Written by Tracey N on 12th Dec 2013

Knot Sauce is a gift from above. I use it for everything. It absorbs nicely into my hair and keeps it moisturized for days. Plus it smells like cake batter. Its now a staple product for me. :-)

Great for glycerine sensitivity....knowing HOW to use it is key!
Written by Rachel Paige on 12th Dec 2013

Ok, so I posted my initial thoughts on Dec. 5th. I still feel that it's the best moisturizer for my dry, porous hair but it I used it on just slightly damp hair & didn't see the definition. HOWEVER.... I rinsed my hair & didn't use my coconut oil as a base and I put this Sauce on clean, towel dried hair with my Tangle Tamer & honey BAM!!!! My curls were SOOOOO defined, I love this line the more I use it..., I will say that unless your hair is a little more than damp, you won't get the definition... Kinda like Kinky Curly products. The one that defines w/I a lotta water is Mango Dip (I haven't tried the Muru yet).,, but I think you should rinse out the oil on your hair & try it againsoft, & shiny (even after it dried it still looked wet). I used a SMALL amount of the Knot Butta from this line to deal in the moisture. I'm changing my thoughts on this product and I'll be back to buy the "biggun!", LOL

Written by AKA Sharaz on 12th Dec 2013

Let me say, I have a HIGH density hair. Tons of 3b/c curls. It is a chore to detangle my hair due to knots and my fine strands. Because I have fine strands, I have to be very careful to avoid breakage. This is the best detangler that I have tried so far hands down! I ordered 16oz during the anniversary sale and ordered 2 more during black friday sale. That's how satisfied I am with this product. I live in the caribbean and high quality products like Soultanicals are not available. I am glad that Ayo ship to my location. Thank you!

Written by Rosie Davis on 10th Dec 2013

I Love this product it work wonderful in my hair I have low porosity hair and i use this as and pre-poo and and leave in and i will order it again soon because my is about gone. it took almost a month also but i know not to order around the holidays.

Written by Robin on 9th Dec 2013

My 4a/b low porosity hair was craving moisture and some of my coils tangle so badly. As soon as I got this product, I ripped it open and tried it and I finger combed my coils! What? I got a sample of I can't believe it's not butta, which renewed my curl definition right back into shape. Since it is homemade, I am assuming that is why it takes so long to order, so I am going to order NOW before I run out!

Knot that great
Written by brenda on 9th Dec 2013

I FINALLY received my order. Was not very pleased when I opened package and there wer NO samples included. I figured I would receive at least one sample seeing I waited almost a month to receive my product. Used the knot sauce last night and there wasn't as much slip as I thought or hoped there would be. I have used products that cost a lot less that worked a lot better. Will not be purchasing again.

Great slip or defining ability
Written by Paige on 5th Dec 2013

unlike everyone else I DO NOT care for the smell of this product (I really wanted to like it :( It did give THE most moisture compared to my B.A.S.K Silk & Honey Latte, Tresemme naturals, Suave naturals,etc. But it didn't define my porous hair.

Awesome conditioner and detangler
Written by princess on 28th Nov 2013

Used for the first time today with the shampoo bar definitely a new staple product hair is incredibly soft and moisturized the smell is amazing! Hair was so easy to detangle!!! I'm a product junkie about to give away all my other products soultanicals products are superior and are reasonably priced! The sales and discounts got me but the quality of he products will definitely keep me!

Dry and wire like strands
Written by Angelic L Green on 26th Nov 2013

This product didn't do anything for my hair. It just left my hair feeling very dry and course. I have 3a/b hair and it zapped the life out of my curls.

great detangler and leave in
Written by OnDeane on 14th Nov 2013

Love this stuff. Tried it one time so far but I have every intention of buying another when this bottle is gone. I have 3c 4 something else mixed hair and I had no issues finger detangling with this product.

Soft, lightweight moisture and smells like birthday cake!
Written by MJ on 12th Nov 2013

I liked this product mostly for its softening properties. For a detangler, I preferred the Mango Dip Detangling Slip detangler, but this one had its strengths as well. I was able to detangle to some degree with this product, but I preferred to use it to add moisture to my hair in combination with other products. I must say the smell is what I enjoyed the best! It's birthday cake for the hair, but so much more healthy!

amazing leave in
Written by Elaine on 28th Oct 2013

I love this leave in. It left my thick 3c/4a hair so soft, silky & detangled easily. It really mositurised well and a little goes a long way. Smells divine. I live in the UK & I will definitely re purchase. I just wished it was sold in the UK too.

Silky Soft
Written by Patricia on 12th Oct 2013

Love this as a leave in, use it to moisturize my wet sets/braid outs, it makes my hair smooth and soft without weighing it down and smells delicious!

Very Interesting Product!
Written by Sahira on 26th Sep 2013

After I washed my hair with a chelating shampoo and deep conditioned over night, I applied this product. I was in the process of redoing my braids when the loose hair got tangled and dry. I ordered this product for the Fall and Winter months since it doesn't not glycerin. That was a plus in itself. So, I applied this products after spraying my hair with the "Hair Sorrell". The tangles slipped out to a point where I could comb through that section with a fine toothed comb without any problems. This product smells sweet, has slip, isn't sticky and actually absorbs into you hair strands and doesn't just sit on top of them. This review is about the performance of the product and not the shipping/receiving time. I don't like the fact it takes so long. Then again it is made fresh, so I can't complain too much. I have Fine strands, 3c/4a curl size, medium density, curly/coily.

This stuff is AWESOME!
Written by Kim on 24th Sep 2013

I just used the 2oz sample that I got a month ago. I have to admit I didn't believe it would be that great. I was so wrong! I used it on dry 6 day old wash-n-go hair (don't judge me)that I put in a bun after 3rd day. I use a paddle brush to detangle and after I used this my brush slid through my hair like a hot knife through butter. I'm a believer & I'm ordering more. Love it!!!!

Love It
Written by undefined on 24th Sep 2013

I absolutely LOVE this product! A little goes a long way, but I enjoy the scent so much I tend to go overboard! LOL! It smells amazing! It works great to detangle my 4B/4C hair and did I mention it smells divine!!! I repurchased this product, so for me, this makes the product worthy of 5 stars! I will continue to repurchase this product in the future as well. Bravo!

Knot sauce heaven
Written by Danielle on 19th Sep 2013

My favorite product the best detangler I've had in my whole life. I love how much my hair smells like icing or cake batter it's beautiful!!!!

yummy detangling leave-in :-)
Written by Char on 17th Sep 2013

I'm type 4a-4b hair, w/22-25 inches of hair (yes!) w/60% shrinkage, and this stuff reduced my detangling/styling time by over an hour (from 4hrs to 3hrs), so happy! And my double-strand twists feel bouncy and moisturized still after a week. I'm sold.

3c all in one
Written by Kahlea on 6th Sep 2013

I have 3b-3c(ish?) hair and this product is basically an all in one for me. Its a great leave in as it is very moisturizing and is verrrrry slippy. Also, I think because of the flaxseed, it gives great definition! I really good amount of hold, especially for a leave in! I don't like hard crunchy gel-like hold, so the amount this gives is perfect. really defines my curls in the way I like. However, I do prefer to use it with some kind of butter for wash n gos and especially twists/twist outs, but it does work well on its own also.

The Best !!!
Written by CJ on 6th Sep 2013

You instantly see and feel the effects of the Knot Sauce. Provides amazing curl definition. Used the Knot Sauce to condition, then use a little as a leave in, followed up with the Fluff... Amazing results for a long lasting, moisturized WNG.

Written by Les on 3rd Sep 2013

The smell is great doesn't leave a sticky residue on your hands helps makes dangling easy

Not what I expected
Written by Nicole on 21st Aug 2013

After reading and watching many reviews on this detangler, the recovering product junkie in me had a relapse and I had to have it! For me this is no different than a basic conditioner. I had virtually no slip and therefore, no detangling properties. I had to be extremely heavy-handed with this product in order for me to begin running a comb through my hair. I gave 2 stars because of the smell and how soft my hair feels after it dries. I will not repurchase.

Magic for my Hair
Written by Rasheida on 17th Aug 2013

I love the versatility I can get with this yummy moisturizing product, my curls just soak up all the loveliness it offers. This has become a staple product in my regime :)

Instantly makes hair soft
Written by undefined on 12th Aug 2013

This stuff is great! My daughter's hair get very knotty and hard to comb but the knot sauce instantly soften her hair! I'll definitely buy this again.

Written by Jean-Laurent Blake on 10th Aug 2013

My hair ranges from 3a-4a, so it's a collage of different textures with different needs. This product is absolutely hydrating but I see it needs to be applied daily to combat dryness. My hair is extra thick as well, so maybe mine just has extra needs! Great product and Smell nonetheless!

Great product
Written by undefined on 29th Jul 2013

This product is amazing!

New Staple Moisturizer
Written by undefined on 29th Jul 2013

I'm so happy I tried Soultanicals products. The Knot Sauce is my second favorite aftet the Loc-n-Roll. This is a great moisturizer for those that live in humid climates. It gives my hair moisture without making it too wet. It smells nice; the scent isn't too strong.

Heavenly vanillla scent, excellent detangler.
Written by Stephanie on 21st Jul 2013

I use this in the shower while I finger detangle. It works beautifully as a leave in conditioner and as a detangler. The only issue I have is having very long hair, I find I have to use a lot of the product for best result. Oh well, that just means buying more and stocking up!

excellent product
Written by nyasha on 13th Jul 2013

This is one extremely effective product. I realize this can be used many ways but I used it as a leave in, first on dry hair, then on just washed wet hair. Both times I had beautifully defined hair that was shiny moisturized and healthy looking. My 4b/c/d hair demands that I continue to use this. I loved this and will absolutely continue to buy this.

really good
Written by undefined on 15th Jun 2013

i was happy with my purchase.i have waist lenth 3c hair and it did what i needed it to do as far as removeing the tangles.

I Have to Hide This From My Mother!!
Written by Harlem on 25th May 2013

I love this product. I just got it today. I washed my hair out and let it dry about half way. When I put just a dab on my hair it IMMEDIATELY felt moisturized. The product seem to melt into my hair. I let my mom try it out and even she is hooked and I only let her try a little bit on her finger and she loved it too and she has a hard time finding products to truly moisturize her thirsty hair. So I am going to have to hide this from her or else I won't have any! The scent is yummy, when my brother walked into the house he thought someone was baking a cake, so... The only problem I had was the shipping of the product. It seemed like it took forever but it was worth it. I would definitely be purchasing again and recommending Knot Sauce to all my girl friends!!!

wasnt meant for my hair
Written by undefined on 20th May 2013

this product felt good in my hands but when I applied it to my damp hair as a leave in it did not detangle but it did moisturize my hair. it smells good maybe if I try in on dry hair it might work. I looking for a product that makes my hair feel buttery soft or baby hair soft.

My hair didn't like it
Written by undefined on 16th May 2013

Well, I must be in the minority here. My hair hated this product. It made it greasy and hard. No moisture at all. I sold mine on Lola's green hair. The scent also gave me a headache. Once again I think it's a pH issue.

Written by Sabrina on 11th May 2013

When I applied this product instantly my hair was soft and moisturized. I will definitely repurchase!

Awesome product
Written by undefined on 1st May 2013

This is a wonderful product. I have been transitioning for seven months and I have been looking for a product to moisturize and detangle my very thick hair. This product has done wonders!! I am very happy with the results. I could comb my hair and it was moisturized with lots of shine. I am planning to reorder. The only problem I had was that the shipping was very slow!! I encourage the owner to improve the time it takes from order to shipment!!

Best Detangler I've Tried in my 3 years natural!!
Written by Rae on 29th Apr 2013

I've tried almost ever natural hair upstart out there (miss Jessie, kinky curly, qhemet biologics, entwine, Jane Carter solutions, Shea Moisture etc. etc.) and I haven't found anything that's reasonably priced and can detangle my dry 4c hair. With this stuff I can detangle my hair not only when it's wet but also when it's dry. I COULD NOT BELIEVE IT! It's also light enough that I can use it as a leave in. To top it all off it smells like cookies. I'm a stylist and I plan on telling all my clients about it as well giving some away as gifts for my natural family members.

Cake Batter Goodness!!
Written by Catwalkbarbie on 28th Apr 2013

This Smells EXTRA Yummy you will want to eat it! I kid you knot!!!! It screams vanilla cake, I ran to smell it again just to write this review LOL! A breeze at detangling and a little goes a long way!!! This one is a keeper!

Everything I've been looking for for 15+ years - part two
Written by undefined on 27th Apr 2013

I forgot to mention that I purchased this product because it is glycerin-free. Please do not stop making this! It's been a miracle for my hair.

Boingy, Soft, and Detangled hair
Written by undefined on 27th Apr 2013

Amazing!!! This sauce used on dry hair and worked thru hair and in turn I received soft, detanged, and hair that had spring to it, for my 4ab low porosity hair. Will buy again.

Everything I've been looking for for 15+ years
Written by undefined on 22nd Apr 2013

This does everything it says in the product description, and more. I use it as a leave in conditioner, and it is so awesome I don't have the heart to try as a rinse out :-) I was nervous because my hair is sensitive to protein and panthenol, but I have had nothing but soft, moisturized and detangled her since I began using it a week ago. It's a great foundation under your styler of choice for beautiful twists/twist-outs and wash-and-go-coils. I also use it on my toddler son's hair and it is the only thing that softens our extremely dry parched 4a coils...and I have tried everything. So glad I took a risk and purchased the 16 oz bottle!

Needs a better label.
Written by undefined on 22nd Apr 2013

This is a good product, however, if the bottle gets wet the dye will rub off and stain Everything.

The Best! Conditioner. Period. Hand Down
Written by Brittney on 20th Apr 2013

I received my order yesterday. I purchased the 8oz bottle. I used this conditioner on wet hair to detangle. A little bit went a long way. Before I even put the comb to my hair to detanlgle my hair,the conditoner already started to detangle my hair. It does live up to the hype & is worth every penny. Even My 8 yr. old cousin loves it b/c it smells like vanilla cake/vanilla buttercream frosting.

Best Detangler I have ever tried!!!
Written by Naomi on 17th Apr 2013

The great reviews I read are true! Best detangler I have ever tried. I have tried many product lines, some beyond my budget only to be dissapointed. My husband is notorious for complaining about our daughters hair(ages1&3). I was at the point were I was just like well their hair is good enough, just love it as it is. But I rushed home after picking them up from daycare did their hair with Soultanicals and WOW! My husband got home and he said what did you do because their hair looks good and it's soft. MY GIRLS FINALLY HAVE HAPPY HAIR!!

Written by undefined on 17th Apr 2013

I ordered this product about 3 weeks ago and am still awaiting my delivery.

Very easy to comb through or finger detangle hair.
Written by Naomi on 14th Apr 2013

It does what it says it will do, and does it well! I was using another popular detangler, Knot Sauce is far more superior in my opinion. I love that it comes in a 16 ounce bottle.

The best detangler ever!
Written by Sue on 30th Mar 2013

I've used a lot of very good detanglers during my natural hair journey but none has come close to Knot Sauce. I used Knot Sauce for the first time after wearing my hair in a bun for several days, following a twistout. My hair was so tangled. I decided to leave the detangling process for last and proceeded to wash and deep condition my hair. I used the knot sauce on my wet hair as a leave-in/detangler. To my surprise, I was able to comb through my hair, easily; this never happened before. I love this product and will never go without it.

Finger detangle....whhhhaaaaattttt
Written by Mia on 18th Mar 2013

Wow, I thought I'd found my all time fav until I tried this! I was able to FINGER detangle my tight coils with just a couple sprays of Kink Drink and a quarter size of Knot Sauce. This is definitely in my product rotation and I will definitely order again!

Natural hair girls this is a must have
Written by Yvonne on 12th Mar 2013

This is the first product I have used on the line I love it. I washed and conditioned my hair and used this product after the wash as a detangler and also a leave in conditioner. This a two for one deal love it. My hair works best with butters and oils water based products adds frizz and dryness. Ok natural ladies this product is the bomb.

Knot Sauce Indeed!
Written by Marsheilah on 10th Mar 2013

Moisturizing, great slip and works with a variety of styling creams and butters. I have porous 4b hair that has a hard time maintaining moisture. Knot Sauce, seems to be absorbed into my strands and lays a geat moisturized foundation for me to build a great style on. This is heavy enough to provide substance, but not so heavy that it interferes with my stylers. My only complaint is that they don't sell it in a bigger bottle. Also, the fragrance is nice but not overpowering. Love this stuff.

Excellent, Excellent product!
Written by zainab1 on 8th Mar 2013

I am in love with this product. It does not take long for me to recogize rather my hair loves, likes, or dislikes a product. I must say this is a winner for sure! the slip, moisture,and softness, this product supplies is awesome! and smells so good. I use this as a leave in. The is a definite must have in my regimen.

Written by Lainey M on 1st Feb 2013

Good gosh almighty! This is the BEST detangler I have ever tried, and trust me I have tried them all (and spent so much money doing so). This stuff is amazing! It smooths out all of the knots and tangles, and when it comes time to re-do my hair again, I barely have any snarls at all!

Can't Stop Smelling This!
Written by Laquita on 2nd Jan 2013

I looove the smell of Soultanicals' Knot Sauce and of course the fact that it works well!! I have used it on wet and dry hair with good results :o)

HG status!
Written by curlyberry on 29th Dec 2012

I'm not one for using leave-in conditioners, but this was REALLY something. The best slip I've ever had, and although it's not marketed as a rinse out, I used it for exactly that because I prefer to detangle before I wash/DC. My hair felt really soft after rinsing it out. I'm going to have to stock up on this before I get back to college. I may have found an addition to my HG list (which is hardly even a list). Seriously, I am still in awe.

Disgustingly GOOOOOD!
Written by NyEmanuel on 21st Dec 2012

Wow I'm amazed by this leave-in. Applied to wet hair after washing , the moisture factor and slip?....Emmmmm!!! I mean, my hair is just soft to the touch, the moment it hit it. Glad I gave this brand a try... *I've got happy hair...

Very Promising
Written by A Happy Nappy Affair on 16th Dec 2012

I used this on dry hair to moisturize and slightly detangle prior to putting some quick twists in. Lovely smell and melted into my hair very nice. I cant wait to continue to play around with this to see how versatile this item can be

Melts Tangles
Written by Maressa E. on 14th Dec 2012

Scent cake batter,thin lotion tex,melts tangles,you could feel the moisture being added...Talk about slip..Yum..I used this after I washed my hair..I started not to use the Dc once i applied this after my me of Enso Hibiscus cream leave-in.....Yep! I could see this being a nice lite/lite summer dc steam treatment..