Mane Thick Creamy Slick- 7 Day Styler

Mane Thick Creamy Slick- 7 Day Styler

Weight 8.00 Ounces
Height 4.00
Width 4.00
Depth 4.00

Imagine luscious kinks & coils that stay conditioned, shiny, hydrated & moisturized for days. Now enjoy that and defined twist outs, in this rich and juicy-fied treat. A creamy, lustrous dream indeed! Also provides a lasting sheen to afrolicious hair, making it easier to comb and style! 

  • Camellia seed conditions the hair shaft
  • Manketti Oil hydrates
  • Castor oil softens and conditions

DIRECTIONS: As a styler, apply a small amount onto slighty damp or dry hair. Evenly distribute. 

MOISTURE-REPLENISHING INGREDIENTS: Castor Oil, Fractionated Coconut Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Distilled water, Sodium Lactate, Behentrimonium Methosulfate, Cetyl Alcohol, Guar Conditoner, Creamed Honey, Camellia Seed Oil, Manketti Oil, Potassium Sorbate, Phlalate-free Fragrance, Citric Acid and 7 Days of LOVE!


Product Reviews

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Perfect styler for my curls!
Written by Belovedqueen1 on 19th Dec 2016

I like that this product is like a gel and butter mix. Perfect for styling dry hair, twist or braid outs. Provides juicy poppin curls!

My go to!
Written by Valencia Sanders on 26th Sep 2016

I absolutely love the 7 day styler. I have to keep it in Stock for my twist-outs!

My hair is so soft
Written by undefined on 28th Aug 2016

I really like this product even more than the Marula-Muru! this leaves my hair so soft and manageable. I think I could twist it once and it be fine for 2-3 days not sure about 7 but that is pretty darn good for me.

What didn'twork for me may work for you
Written by JESSICA D on 21st May 2016

This was my 2nd item I tried in my 6 item purchase (by the way I'very ordered at least 12 items from Soultanicals in the past 3 years)... 1. The texture of the product was just like lotion. I didn't get that, it says on the jar to use as a leave-in. Never again *smh* it was way too light for my thick hair. My hair is already soft but this product made it feel a bit dryer. Perhaps I didn't add enough product? But surely I have realized with Soultanicals a little bit goes a long way--so I don't think I didn't use a sufficient amount? 2. The smell wasn't great, smelled just like Jergens Ultra Healing lotion...was hoping for a different smell.

Now that I know how to use it I will miss it when it's gone...
Written by Tonia on 10th Apr 2016

I have been unsure how to use this product, but, I saw its possibility so I bought it twice. The 2nd jar was a looser, more lotion like consistency and I was really thrown off. I've discovered for MY hair it's works similar to QB Burdock Root. I've been using it after my leave in. I do 6-8 flat twists and roll the ends. When I undo my twists I have soft definition and hair that is moisturized for up to 5 days, which is a record for me. I could see this being great as the C and O in the LCO method or be great paired with just a gel. Plan to repurchase now that I've figured it out.

Not Impressed
Written by brittany matthews on 31st Dec 2015

I purchased a sample of this. I expected this to be a heavier product. My sample had a consistency similar to a light lotion so I was not able to style my hair with this at all. This is even too light to use as a leave in. So for me it literally has no purpose. And since water is not on the ingredient list I cannot moisturize my hair with it. Turned out to be useless but that is what samples are for :)

I liked it more than I thought I would.
Written by Elaine on 3rd Dec 2015

So 2 of the 3 times I've used this I did a twist out on wet hair. The definition was really great and my hair was pretty soft on the places it actually dried. Everywhere else didn't have a very moisturized feeling to it. I was surprised to see that it took nearly 10 full hours to actually dry so I didn't get the results I was hoping for. But when I did it on dry, mostly tangled hair, the twist out was amazing! I was able to detanglewith it and it made my hair melt instantly! Another great part of this product is it still looks great going on the 5th day of me now writing this! So for me, wet hair results were "meh", but doing it on dry hair was amazing! And I've got type 4a hair all around.

leaves hair soft
Written by undefined on 20th Jul 2015

I have 4a in the 3c in the back very thick hair. Not a good hold for twist outs unless you keep it in for two days plus. However, great for perm rods buying samples is recommended

Written by Kristina Payton on 17th Apr 2015

This product first of all is not in the glass container displayed. It is a leave in!! On the website it says as a styler...., on my container it says as a leave batch became old too soon. I scooped out the bad part before it spread throughout. I used it as a leave in... It was ok. I didn't notice a difference or anything. I have other leave ins by soultanicals that I prefer.

great for dry hair
Written by undefined on 13th Feb 2015

at the end of the day, my hair still feels soft. Would recommend this product.

best styler
Written by Tiffany G. on 13th Feb 2015

Great definition and good on twistouts

Good bye dry!
Written by Yvette on 8th Feb 2015

Since going natural, I've had difficulty finding a product that would restore moisture to my dry hair without making it feel greasy. Mane Thick Creamy Slick 7 Day Styler does the job of moisturizing and softening my hair perfectly and there is no greasy feel. It has soften my hair and helps maintain my rod set curl very well. Love it and will buy it again.

Soft Vanilla Flowers.
Written by Tamara on 2nd Jan 2015

I love the way my hands feel after I use this product. I feel like I've just used an expensive, and luxurious hand cream, and my hair feels the same. Like it is being pampered with moisture. I like the smell, and the way it absorbs into my hair and scalp. I got one for my sister as well. I moisturize my hair twice a day. In the morning and at night. This is a product that I have now been using at night. My hair loves these products. I am glad because I got a lot of stuff. It could have gone horribly wrong. I am a big fan of this line. It has had a pretty great reception for me.

Love it!
Written by undefined on 26th Nov 2014

Everytime I use this product it never lets me down, I use this product to do a twist out and every single time it comes out great. I get about 4 days of great hair when using this product. I find that it does make my hair a little dry also alittle goes a long ways with this product. I will continue to order it. Another thing I do not like is that it takes a long time to get you hair products.

Extreme Richness
Written by HGBS on 23rd Sep 2014

My customers are in love with the richness of this product. Great smell but not overpowering, with a wonderful list ingredients for your hair .

Best Everyday Styler I have tried
Written by Cauline on 15th Jul 2014

I use this product when I re-twist my hair at night. I have been natural for 2 years and find that this product is the only one that helps me maintain a twist out for 7 days. It is re-hydrating but not heavy on my 4C hair, it maintains my coils and kinks with shine and defintion. This is my Holy Grail product

Written by Tiffany G on 8th Jun 2014

Great definition and moisture. Does great on my 4c hair

Great Conditioner & Smells Awesome!
Written by Tina on 29th May 2014

This product smells delightful and has all of the right ingredients that naturals like. It is a great mix for moisturizing and does the job. The consistency is very loose. Therefore, it should probable be a leave-in in a bottle. In the description on the site it is described as a "styler". The jar states it is a "coilditioner". I believe it to be more of a leave-in. I used it in place of my curly pudding(thinking it to be a styler). However, it did not absorb as well in conjunction with the Eco styler gel for shingling. I believe you have to work it through as a leave in. Which it is great for!

Super moisturized hair
Written by Lucia Silveira on 28th Apr 2014

This product kept my hair moisturized for days. This is equivalent to marula muru. Will def repurchase.

My hair felt good but....
Written by undefined on 18th Apr 2014

My hair felt SUPER SOFT for days after using this product, however it left a white cast and my hair didn't really shine. I tried it on dry hair, and the only other product I had used was Knot Sauce. I am not sure if I am doing something wrong. I am not sure if this product will be repurchase. I do like the ingredients, the scent and the consistency. I am open to any suggestions of how to get the most out of this product.

I really like this product
Written by Tracy Scott on 1st Apr 2014

I really like this lightweight product, it keeps my hair moisturized and feeling nice!

I love this cream
Written by wanda everett on 14th Mar 2014

This is my C in GCO(glycerin rich product, cream and oil). I have moisture for days and I can't believe it. It doesn't build up, I am heavy handed and doesn't leave my hair stiff. Can't wait for another sale I am def. stocking up on this.

leave in
Written by undefined on 11th Mar 2014

I have not tried this product by itself yet, however, It leaves my hair very moisturized before I put on the Curl Blaze Hair Glaze. I cannot wait to try some more products from this line!

Perfect for my hair
Written by Ari on 7th Mar 2014

I used this styler with Knot Sauce and olive oil, and the combination left my hair soft and shiny. I've used this mixture twice with a twist out, and each time I'm left with waves, volume, and movement for days (usually only 3 tops, but that's still an upgrade from having to do my hair every other day). Clearly. the "7-day styler" label on the product isn't accurate for me, but it is still a great styler. It is fragrant but the scent isn't as loud as Knot Sauce or a lot of the other Soultanicals products; I will leave it up to you to determine whether that's a good thing or bad thing. It was just something I noticed. I love the creamy texture as well. Great product!

works if you are allergic to shea and aloe!!!
Written by undefined on 26th Feb 2014

I have an allergy to Aloe Vera and Shea butter and this product has neither. I was looking for a go to moisturizer and I found one with this. Plus it smells amazing!! It does not mix well with every product but works well with a lot!! Thank you

Truly 7 days of moisture
Written by Krystal on 4th Jan 2014

I experimented with this product. I put it on after my leave-in. It was ok. Then, I put it on damp hair, and moisturized even better. Then, I did something I saw on youtube, I put it on my hair, concentrating on the ends, and put on a plastic cap for a few hours. When I took off the plastic cap, my hair smelled like cake batter, and my hair was moisturized for 7 whole days, maybe more!

Product is "ok"
Written by undefined on 9th Dec 2013

This product is great for moisturizing your hair but it leaves a white residue

The name says it all.
Written by Jewdell Dill on 2nd Nov 2013

I I normally wash my hair twice a week but with this product I'm down to one. The 7 day styler left my twists defined and soft.. Retwisted at night and just spray my ends with water, there was no need to add additional product. Will definitely reorder.

Penetrating Moisture
Written by Naomi on 1st Sep 2013

I could not get 7 day conditioning out of this, 3 days max. Softens hair extremely well. I loved the scent, I got the original scent(fruity) I guess it's vanilla now. I will miss the fruit scent! Wonderful product, with my daughters very dry hair I was pleased with the moisture and softness it have.

Great Product...Moisturizing...Style Defining
Written by Esquida on 24th Aug 2013

My review is based on the consensus (40 to 50) of the naturalistas in my circle (as we come together on a regular basis to fellowship and share / test hair / skincare products as well as share our long term experiences with the same). The majority of us lead an organic / vegan / toxin-free / soy-free lifestyle. As such, Soultanicals found its way on our radar. We initially counted this product out because we usually draw the line at one quat (quaternary ammonium salt / compound) in a hair product which means BTMS only. Mane Thick contains BTMS and Guar Conditioner. After numerous discussions within the circle, we took the plunge. The product is smooth, creamy and smells fabulous... Moisturizing... Created great definition with twist / braid out styles. You could definitely obtain a three-day hair style or beyond if you baby your hair by remembering to pineapple / chunky twist and wrap your hair before bedtime. We have all agreed to try using Mane Thick for a wash and go as well as a wash and wrap and share our results at our next get together. My girls are happy. I don't yet know if I have personally made peace with the ingredients.

Mane thick
Written by undefined on 29th Jul 2013

I just like the product, it was more like a leave in from the picture I was looking for a thick creamy product.

Just okay odd smell
Written by Alli on 21st Jul 2013

The product is my current go-to after I workout. It detangles and dries to a 'crisper' curl than the moisture guru. It has an oiler feel and it will keep hair soft for a few days. My ends seem to have less breakage. What I don't like about this product is the weird smell after I apply it. It just smells like an ingredient has gone bad. It would be nice if it smelled better and because of that I will probably not purchase this again. But, because waste makes me feel bad, I will finish the container.

Written by Quisha on 17th Jun 2013

I absolutely love this product. Made my curls bouncy and soft it is a repurchase. I will be getting a biiger size.

Written by undefined on 17th Jun 2013

I absolutely love this product! WOW It does everything that it says it would do. I have 4b very dense and coarse hair so my twist outs would usually last a max of 3 days before it starts to look matted and at times dread like! This product has kept my curls bouncy, and defined. The product smells so beautiful and as i applied it on my damp hair and twisted i could tell that the twist out was going to be nice! My hair has stayed shiny, and i give it a little spruce by adding a tiny bit more of the product on the dry curls to revitalise them. I will definitely be buying the larger bottle. Beautiful product x

Love it!!
Written by Marissa on 11th Jun 2013

I like this product. Mine was thick and creamy so it was good on my hair. I was impressed by this product.

Smells yummy
Written by undefined on 10th Jun 2013

Waiting 3 weeks for the items, did not make for a good first impression. But when it did arrive, it was nicely packaged, smelled Divine, and added extra shine to my bun.

Response to Review "Absolutely no moisture"
Written by NaturallyMe on 7th Jun 2013

I too have high porosity hair and I did not have any issues with the product and moisture retention. As far as the product being extremely watery, mine was not like that. Perhaps it was because the weather was a bit cooler out when I received mine. Also, I've been keeping mine refrigerated since it's gotten warmer and the consistency is very thick now. So maybe try keeping it in the fridge prior to using it. Try using it on wet hair with a light oil over it to seal. Hopefully these suggestions help... because I love this product! Good Luck!!

Very moisturizing-- A twist out's best friend
Written by NaturallyMe on 7th Jun 2013

I LOVE THIS PRODUCT!!! It's very moisturizing and it's great for my mini twists or twistouts. It leaves my twist outs very defined and the smell is to die for! I highly recommend this!

Absolutely no moisture
Written by undefined on 2nd Jun 2013

Ok. So I was expecting a rich, thick, creamy product. What this is, is a thin watery lotion in a jar. It has some slip but on my highly porous hair, absolutely no moisture. I used it to do twists and since it has lots of oils in it, I figured that I didn't need to seal with oil. Boy was I wrong. My hair is drying as dry and rough as a desert. I think it's a pH problem. This is my 4th product from this line that didn't work for me. I think this line is not for high porosity hair. I think I am going to move on.

very moisturizing
Written by undefined on 29th May 2013

this product is very moisturizing I ordered the 2oz to try.. that's why I love this company because of the sample size. the texture is loose cream. its like a leave in conditioner but a little thicker. from the picture I thought it would be thicker but its runny. And the smell is amazing. for a light moisturizer I will purchase again. the price is very reasonable and there are great ingredients in there products.