Mango Dip Detangling Slip

Mango Dip Detangling Slip

Weight 8.00 Ounces
Height 7.00
Width 2.00
Depth 2.00

Sink your tresses into this detangling mango delight. A dip of this cuticle smoothing moisturizer is all it takes to satisfy the thirstiest hair, penetrate knotted, extra dry hair and nourish strands to supernatural softness. Mango extract, Blue Malva Flowers and Pracaxi oil softly melts and smooths each strand. A fruitful explosion of mango & tangle-free paradise!

To easily detangle, apply onto 6-8 hair sections. Using your fingers with a up-and-down motion, spread the detangling slip from root to tip. Use a wide-toothed comb to work through tangled, matted, knotted hair from end to root and DO THE HAPPY DANCE as coils becomes super-naturally soft, instantly manageable & nutriciously moisturized. Can be used as a leave in, rinse out conditioner or moisturizer!

Distilled Water Botanically Infused with Nettle, Horsetail, Coltsfoot, Comfrey, Slippery Elm, Blue Malva, Chamomile Flowers, Certified Organic Aloe Juice, Behentrimonium Methosulfate, Cetearyl Olivate/ Sorbitan Olivate, Mango Butter, Flaxseed Gel, Mango Extract, Vegetable Glycerine, Crambe Seed Oil, Brocolli Seed Oil, Pracaxi Oil, Jojoba Oil, Pro Vitamin B5, Olive Squalane, Natural, Fragrant & Essential Oil Blends, Potassium Sorbate, Black Willow Bark Extract, Citric Acid, & an extra dip of LOVE!

Product Reviews

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The residue...ugh!
Written by Cia on 27th Aug 2016

I wanted to like Knot Sauce. I use the LCO method and at the end of a couple of sections, I noticed the product solidified a bit and left tiny clumps behind. Thought it was because of the mix with the oil...nope. I tried it on a clean, damp section of hair and the same tiny bits of it all over. I had to rinse my entire head and just the bottle. So disappointed.

Amazing your chillun' will never again.
Written by undefined on 17th Apr 2016

My son has terrible tangles and when we use this product no more tangles and it moisturizes,too.

I wanted to love this...
Written by Angela on 30th Mar 2016

I have tight coily dense hair that is low porosity. I wanted to love this so bad because I need a good detangler but I just can't. As slippery as the product is in my hands it's just not slippery in my hair, it felt awful. As soon as I put it in my hair I knew it was a no go I had to rinse it out. The moisture and slip that it provides on my hair isn't penetrating. It just sits on top of my hair and makes it harder to detangle. I have it away. It smells awesome though.

Written by undefined on 25th Jan 2016

This product is super duper hydrating and it really looks. The slip is great, it defines my curls, and detangles right after applying. After the first use this is a staple in my hair care regime.

5 stars just for the smell!!
Written by FDavis on 15th Jan 2016

I LOVE the smell of mango and this product smells delicious! But it's not just the smell, the product itself is great. Thin in consistency but still effective as far as giving slip and moisture. Love how it makes my hair smell so good for hours. Perfect for my thin 4c hair!

Slip Heaven
Written by Kelly Hamilton on 18th Dec 2015

This product is perfect for detangling!! It literally melts away knots! The smell is nice mango and the texture is loose and slippery. 100 times better than the knot sauce in the sense of detangling. Only complaint is for my hair it cannot double as a leave in. It didnt moisturize my hair even after sealing with a soultanicals butter. So that was a downer for me. I will probably just be using it as a pre poo detangler, or a rinse out. But not as a leave in/ detangle. Which is what i really wanted it for.

Mango is Good to my Tangols
Written by MURIEL YOUNGER on 4th Dec 2015

I've have been ordering from soultanicals since 2013 and It never cross-my-mind to purchase the Mango Dip Detangling Slip (because of Glycerin being one of the ingredients)but during the Black Friday Sale,I purchase 1 bottle and I don't regret my purchase. This leave -in has Awesome slip and my tangles or gone. I will purchase the 32oz next-time!!!!

good choice for extra dry hair
Written by undefined on 13th Feb 2015

The smell was kind of strong, but not unpleasant. My hair seemed to melt into softness. I like this better than Knot Sauce. I used Thick Mane with this work very well together. Have to be careful not to use too much as it will flake on you.

Mangoes and Coconuts!
Written by Tamara on 2nd Jan 2015

Smells great. My hair for some reason has responded really well to the products I have tried. I don't feel like there is stuff sitting on my hair. I feel as if my hair is drinking the ingredients up. My hair feels full, yet light and moisturized. I like layering the products so the scents compliment each as well. I like to use this one with the Double Dutch Hair Yum (best smelling hair product I've ever used - white cake and fruit candy . . .).

Great ingredients, a valuable hair product, just no "slip" for detangling
Written by Dawn on 28th Nov 2014

Though this product did not work at detaning my kids' curls (one has 3a, one has 3c) that tend to get VERY knotted by days end, and can quickly turn into a matted mess. This product I was hoping would help work out the knots, and while it's certainly a great product with superior ingredients, it just did not have enough slip to work through my kids' hair.

Good Claude, that slip!!
Written by Yaya on 13th Sep 2014

Sooo just got this in the mail today so I absolutely had to try this baby! I used it as a leave in on t-shirt dried hair and was amazing. My fingers slipped through my hair super quick! It usually takes me upwards of 40 minutes to get my fingers and comb through my 3c/4a curls but this cut the time tremendously. Afterwards, I layered on the Loc-n-Roll hair butter and a tiny bit of the twist butter. Result: super soft, shiny, twists! Totally worth the wait

Nice Product
Written by Mil- on 10th Jul 2014

Gave great slip, smells delicious, beautiful two strand twists held up beautifully for the most part of the day. By the end of the work day, my hair did show some frizz. However, this his line of products is still by far THE the best I have used in 2 years,

Written by Ami on 18th Jun 2014

Love this product it smells great, the moisture, slip and definition is amazing, the product description is on point, it actually does what it says it will do.

Love it!
Written by LA Curly Girls on 9th Jun 2014

I purchased this during Black Friday. The big bottle! I've used it so much I had to purchase another bottle. Leave-in and daily moisturizer - wonderful! Now I need to try it as a conditioner. Con - shipping is very long!

Incredible Detangler
Written by Tiffany G on 8th Jun 2014

Perfect for detangling my 4c hair, great slip as a rinse out conditioner and a great leave in as well. A perfect multipurpose product.

I love it!!!!
Written by PC on 24th Apr 2014

I love this product!!! I use this product weekly and it leaves my hair feeling very soft and free of tangles. I love how it smells!!!

Instant Love!
Written by SunniJ on 7th Apr 2014

Slip slip and more slip...Great as a leave-in and detangler,my hair loves this stuff and lays down in submission.

Written by dee on 13th Jan 2014

Got this as a sample and omg THE SLIP this much slip should be illegal. Love the smell, my hair was soft and shiny. All I can say is I love you from the bottom of my heart.

Slip, Creaminess & All !
Written by Na'ilah Dawkins on 5th Jan 2014

This product is lite yet moisturizes a bit. It doesn't layer the best with the other Soultanicals butter I used, Loc-N-Roll Twist Fro Out :/ It is great as a moisturizer to leave-in-and-go though! I haven't used it as a leave-in conditioner as of yet but cannot wait to! Sidenote- Don't use in excess I've used it twice and it is a quarter of the way gone.

Just... no.
Written by Nesha on 25th Dec 2013

The smell is okay, but that's about all I can say for it. I've tried it as a conditioner/detangler in the shower and it felt horrible going on my hair (almost drying straw like feeling) and it took twice as long to detangle than when I use other product. I also tried it on damp hair as a moisturizer and it did nothing for my hair, and it still felt weird going on. It gets two stars because I tried it on a corner of dry hair to test it when I first got it and I liked it. I will not be purchasing it again, it doesn't give me the versatility that I want in a product.

Best defining product on the market imo
Written by Paige on 5th Dec 2013

I've NEVER used a product that allowed me to achieve defining results like this stuff. I keep my hair in a wash n' go bun or ponytail 90% of the time. This stuff defined my hair, dried it soft n' bouncy, and reactivated with a water the next day...that says a lot for porous, DRY hair like mine that soaks up moisture. I HATE HATE the smells like the orange label Shea Moisture products and I CAN'T STAND that smell.

So much slip!
Written by MJ on 12th Nov 2013

I have thick curly hair that gets matted if I don't detangle everyday. This stuff has helped me tremendously and reminds me of Kinky Curly Knot Today (also one of my top detanglers) in terms of how much slip it has. It is a bit lightweight, but I intended to use this only for detangling on dry hair and it does the job very well. I haven't used it on wet hair on its own to say anything of its function as a styling product, but will be experimenting in the weeks to come. In my opinion, it has tons more slip than the Soultanicals Knot Sauce, so if you come down to deciding on a detangler with premium slip, this is it!

Detangling dream and smells wonderful!
Written by Cheryl Rose on 20th Oct 2013

I had been searching for a good post-wash detangler made with natural and safe ingredients, and I found it with Mango Dip Detangling Slip! It smells fantastic and makes my hair easy to detangle - whether with fingers or a comb. My hair is super soft when it dries after using this product as well!

Written by nya on 30th Aug 2013

When I first got this, I didn't think it would work for me. I used it on my sopping wet 4b/c hair and it just sat on my hair. After emailing the owner for suggestions, I tried it on dry hair. As a refresher, I have never felt anything better. My hair was super soft and hydrated. As a dry hair detangler, it is the finest. It made finger detangling a breeze no matter how tangled and knotted my hair got. This is hg status folks. Ayo is changing the game!

Right Name for This Product
Written by undefined on 29th Jul 2013

The Mango Dip does have nice slip, but it's a little too oily for me. It does absorb well though. I didn't read the ingredients closely and didn't notice it had glycerin but it works ok as a moisturizer, not as good as the Knot Sauce for me. I also used it as a rinse out but it works better as a moisturizer or leave in because it will absorb quickly into your hair. It smells delicious and I don't even like mango.

Did not detangle my hair
Written by undefined on 2nd Jun 2013

This product did not detangle my hair nor did it make it soft. Glad I only got a sample.

not for my hair
Written by undefined on 20th May 2013

this product did not detangle my hair when I applied it to damp hair it did moisturize and smells great but it did not soften my hair. I have 4c coarse hair.

I made it through or
Written by Jackie on 13th May 2013

This detangler was good it help with the knots in my hair but I only used it once therefore I couldn't give it 5 stars. I need to use more of it...

Very Good Product
Written by NaturallyMe on 11th May 2013

This is a great product! It does make detangling a breeze. I love the smell and everything. Even after my hair dried, my hair felt soft and moisturized. This usually isn't the case with most other products. Initially i ordered the sample, but i had to purchase the full sized bottle for mom's day because i loved it so much! Thanks Ayo!!!!

Added to the Leave-in stable...
Written by MrsComboCurlz on 6th May 2013

Hair felt buttery soft. The moisture factor from this line as far as leave-in/detanglers are concerned are OUTstanding!Not surprised that I love yet another Soultanicals product, but it doesn't surpass my HG "Knot Sauce". But yeah...would definitely repurchase.

Fantastic sweet smelling detangler!!
Written by Rae on 29th Apr 2013

I have 4C hair and I've tried at least 15 different brands of detanglers. Some costed as much as $35/8 0z. bottle. None of them worked as good as this one! This detangles my hair when it's wet or when it's dry! The slip is unbelievable! I was able to detanlge my whole head in 20 minutes! It also smells so good that you think you could eat it. It's so good that I came back and bought 8 more bottles for my friends and family.

Nothing but praise for Soultanicals!
Written by Naomi on 14th Apr 2013

Please consider offering this in a 16 ounce size. I used this on my daughters wet hair while she was in the bath, combed through with a wide tooth comb, rinsed then used it as a leave-in followed by the Curl Blaze Hair Glaze. Great results!

Dred No More! ;)
Written by C.M. on 25th Mar 2013

Once again the Mango slip got my hair back from its Rastafarian moment! lol

Great Moisturizer/Multi Use Product!
Written by Marsheilah on 25th Mar 2013

Lasting moisture - I love this as a moisturizer on dry hair.. I have porous 4b hair that has a hard time maintaining moisture. Mango Dip is easily absorbed into my hair and once I seal it in it is there to stay. At that same time is does not lead to buildup and the glycerine in this does not seem to interrupt the definition I get when I retwist my hair with this and a sealer. The fragrance is nice but not overpowering. Love this stuff.Once again I would encourage Soultanicals to create this in a bigger size.

Slip...the naturalista's best friend!
Written by J. Stewart on 25th Mar 2013

Very pleased with this product! Definitely a great add to my 5 star products. You are almost making this product junkie narrow down her list of must have's. this product smells great, has great incredients and so far layers well with my styling gel custard. My second order has been placed and I can't wait to try more of what this line has to offer!

Smooth Sailing!!!!!!
Written by Christine M. on 9th Jan 2013

I cannot praise Ayo and her Soultanicals Mango Dip!!!!! My curly kinky hair begins to lock quickly especially since I don't enjoy combing my hair. With that Dip though smooth sailing lol...if my mom had this I would enjoy hair care more. Give thanks sistar!!

My New Go-To Product
Written by Carol on 7th Jan 2013

I ordered a sample of the Mango Dip Detangling Slip thinking that I would use it one day but I ran out of the Kinky Silk Tress Milk and decided to use the Mango Slip as a leave-in conditioner/moisturizer; and OMG! – I think that this will be my go-to product from now on. I live in Denver where it’s always dry. It’s a great moisturizer at just the right consistency (not to thick, not runny, not oily). I’ve used it on my wash and go and my flat iron styles. VERY MOISTURIZING!!

Love, Love, Love this!
Written by Maressa E. on 14th Dec 2012

I used this as my rinse-out,medium creamy lotion tex,scent pez candy,I see myself using this year round for my rinse-out & in the summer use it as a leave-in,This can be used on wet/dry hair smooths out tangles instant..Love,Love this,should be a nice addition for little ones hair too...It can double as nice spring/summer moisturizer....Reminds me of Enso Aloe & Marshmallow Milk...Yep!