Natural Hair Wide-Toothed Detangling Comb

Natural Hair Wide-Toothed Detangling Comb

Weight 3.00 Ounces

A detangling and hair-managing comb with sturdy, widely spaced teeth. 


Great for detangling when applying conditioner. Perfect for All Hair types, from medium-to-long hair.


A Great way to effortlessly detangle coils & curls is to divide hair into sections prior to shampooing, conditioning and detangling. Gather hair in at least 4 or more sections using clips, braids, twist, etc...The smaller sections are easier to work with and give you more control.

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Great Comb to Detangle
Written by Robin Smith on 17th Apr 2016

Love the wide teeth, did an excellent job

Made For Naturals!!!
Written by Mzfine1 on 4th Mar 2016

I agree with the other poster. I haven't used any of my other combs since I got this new baby 2 months ago, not even my denman brush! I love how the lower part of the comb is narrow for easily detangling on the ends of the hair, and I keep the wider top of the teeth toward my roots. This come has those two dimensions of detangling perfection! Thank You Ayo!

Love this comb!
Written by undefined on 16th Feb 2016

I have plenty of wide tooth combs too many to handle really but this one works the best. Honestly when I first received it i thought it wasn't "wide" enough for my hair but it works wonder. I primarily use it on my hair wet to assist in detangling when wash day rolls around. My 4c hair loves it. I haven't used another wide tooth comb in about 2 months!