Oriya- African Wooden Parting Comb

Oriya- African Wooden Parting Comb

Weight 1.00 Ounces

In various African cultures, wooden combs are symbols of good feminine qualities, patience, prudence, love, and care. In Africa, when someone gave you a comb, it was a symbolic gesture of a woman's prestige & love.

Our handcrafted wooden combs from Nigeria (oriya) makes the perfect Sistahood gift. The oriya is used as a tool to sculpt, maintain, adorn, detangle and create those clean, straight parts that are usually seen in traditional african hairstyles.

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It's cute but....
Written by Makaja on 10th Mar 2016

This is a cute little comb, parts just fine but there are some rough edges that should have definitely been smoothed out before it was sent out the door. I used a finger nail file to smooth the rough edges & was good to go.

Too Rough for Natural Hair
Written by undefined on 11th Feb 2016

I was very excited to receive my comb in the mail, when I unpacked the item it looked exactly as the picture on the website. It was only when I opened the package and felt the comb, that I could feel that the wood had many rough edges and parts that had not been smoothed or sanded down. I even tried using the comb to part my hair and some of my hair got tangled in the parts of the comb that were not smooth. I would only recommend this comb if they smooth down the inner edges of the comb so that hair does not get caught or pulled out.