Plait'num Roots Hair/Scalp Oil

Plait'num Roots Hair/Scalp Oil

Weight 8.00 Ounces
Height 8.00
Width 2.00
Depth 2.00

Fond memories of hair day take you back to childhood plaiting sessions in Mama’s kitchen with this scalp oil. Hempseed oil feels delicious on the scalp, Sapote oil captures the essence of good ‘ole afro sheen while Murumuru butter and Jamaican Black Castor Oil softens, conditions and shines.

Zesty notes of citrus with lavender and sage. Grooming perfection.


Can Be Used as a:

  • Daily Styler - Massage a small amount into hair beginning at the roots to the ends.  Finger through for even distribution.  Do not rinse.  Apply to the ends to seal in moisture.
  • Loc/Scalp Conditioner - Part hair in to sections and massage into scalp using fingertips.  Plait, Braid, twist, loc cornrow or style as usual.
  • Hot Oil Treatment - Gently heat bottle under warm running water and coat entire scalp and hair. Cover hair with plastic and wrap with a warm towel. Leave in for 30 minutes to an hour. Rinse with warm water. Use this treatment twice a month or whenever your hair feels dry & in need of deep conditioning.
  • Body Moisturizer- Apply after bath and slather all over damp skin.

CONDITIONING PLANT-BASED INGREDIENTS: Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Jojoba Oil, Hempseed Oil, Murumuru butter, Carrot Oil, Sapote Oil, Jamaican Black Castor Oil, Blends of Essential Oils, Drizzled with an extra slip of LOVE!

Applying this pure & magical oil brings an afrolicious reminder of nature’s many blessings...and divinely, you are one of them!

Product Reviews

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Platinum roots oil
Written by Walidah on 14th Jan 2017

I absolutely love this product! My scalp is always dry and itchy. Since I've started using this product I haven't had any problems! I am so glad someone recommended this to me!

One of your best hair oils
Written by undefined on 22nd Jun 2015

I love Plait'num roots oil because the scent isn't very strong and the oil has the right consistency not to watery yet not to thick. I love the new size bottle as well. I would love to see a bottle of your Haitian Black Castor&Baobab Regenerating Coil Oil in an 8oz bottle as well I love them both.:-)

The Best Roots Oil for the Scalp!
Written by Antoinette-Nakia on 3rd Jun 2015

I don't use anything on my scalp, but this Plait'num Roots Scalp Oil! It is the absolute best. I love it and the smell is great. I will be purchasing this bi-monthly and it will be a staple product added to my Soultanicals collection!

Written by Kathy Simeon on 30th Dec 2014

My scalp loves this oil. I massaged my scalp and it felt great. Extremely satisfied with this product.

Written by Jessica on 26th Aug 2014

I purchased 4 items in all but his is about my Plait'num Root Scalp Oil experience. I appreciate everyone's reviews, this is the only way I was able to make up my mind about purchasing a product. But I wasn't pleased. This product, of course, had an "earthy" smell (wasn't too bad but it was there, I am over those smells on hair), and was in fact oily. I didn't use a lot AT ALL and it was still too oily for me. Just my opinion. I left it in over night, to let the oil penetrate my strands, but when I went to wash it, it out it was still there. Had to try to wash it a couple of times so my hair wasn't as oily. I see it works well for others, which is awesome news. I hope some other products I buy will work for me.

Written by Ioanna on 4th Jul 2014

I used it as an overnight treatment and the next day my hair was amazing. Hydrated, bouncy and shiny. One of the best oil blends I have ever used and smells beautifully also, very earthy. Thank y! :)

Simply Fabulous!
Written by Terry on 8th Jun 2014

The Plait'num Root Scalp Oil is simply fabulous! The "earthly-wood" scent caught me off guard at first, most of the oils I use have no scent but my twists loved it!! It is great for twist outs and dreads. I was pleasantly surprised! Thanks Soultanicals, your products have amazed me.

Written by HENDRIS GRENIER on 13th Apr 2014

I was pleasantly surprised with how lightweight and non-greasy this oil blend was. I can use it daily and it doesn't weigh down my dreads. The scent is AMAZING and I love that I have one scent from head to toe! Would you consider making a 16oz sized bottle too?

Good Oil Blend!
Written by SunniJ on 7th Apr 2014

Great for hot oil treatments and scalp massages

A very good product
Written by Lili on 2nd Apr 2014

This product is very good. I put it in my hair routine and I very and I am very satisfied with the outcome of my hair.

The BEST Hair Oil!!!!!
Written by SadieOnSunday on 15th Nov 2013

I sure hope you all bring back the Plait'num Roots Scalp Oil for Black Friday! If so, I will be stocking up. I wish I would have tried this oil sooner. It is truly my favorite hair/scalp oil!!! It smells great, feels great and I have seen a major difference in my hair because of this product! My hair is soft, shiny (not greasy) and overall I have seen moisture and length retention since starting to use this product! Please consider bringing it back for a Fan Friday or Black Friday! Either way I will be stocking up the next time it is available! Keep up the amazing work, Ayo! xoxo

Earthy scented love!
Written by Naomi on 15th Jun 2013

Smelled relaxing and earthy. Love this oil, my daughters hair loves oil and this makes for a nice bedtime ritual.

A sure hit A-n-1 Oil!
Written by Bradgirl5 on 4th Jan 2013

I have used many all in one oils and this one really rocks! It does not leave a residue and the aroma is not harsh either. This hair oil is the the real deal because my hair is not dry and itchy like some other oils tend to do after use.

My hair and scalp LOVES this!!!
Written by Crystal W. on 5th Dec 2012

I recently received my order a few days ago and the first thing I tried was this. I love the smell and how it makes my hair/scalp feel!!!! I tried plenty of other products but nothing has left my hair this mositurized like this hair. My scalp feels great and isn't dry even though I used it Monday night. Most others dry my scalp out. Love it!!!